Subud Youth Activities International

In recognition of the fact that young people may have special needs and interests, the WSA has a Subud youth activities program (SYAI).  The aims of this are to provide: special gatherings and events such as youth camps where young people can interact amongst themselves as well as others; spaces and opportunity for exchange; networking for young people to express their ideas and suggestions so that the concerns, questions and needs of young people can be addressed and answered; encouragement in the support of projects for young people.

The new SYAI Team 2014 – 2018 from left to write: Rahman – no longer active – new one is Robiyanto, Zuleika , Arif,  Davina, Konrad, Marcus, Rhyana
The coordinator of SYAI attend World Subud Council meetings so that young people can have a direct voice on the council. During the 2014 World Congress it was decided that there would be youth coordinators for each of the three geographic Subud Areas and one Coordinator.
SYAI Team coordinator: Ethan Harris
SYAI World Congress Team liaison: Peter Jenkins
SYAI Coordinator: Ethan HArris
Area 1: Area 2: Area 3:
Davina  Flynn,  Australia: 
davina.flynn AT
Rhyana  Blakeley,  Spain: 
rhyana.blakeley AT
Zuleika  Pevec,  USA:
zuleika.pevec AT
Robiyanto Sumohadiwidjojo,  Indonesia:
Robiyantosumohadiwidjojo AT
Marcus  Vagany,  Hungary:
marcus.vagany AT
Arif  Rivero,  Mexico: 
arif.rivero AT
Konrad  Muñoz,  Colombia: 
konrad.munoz AT
Watch the brief video about Subud Youth and another by Subud Youth.

2015: The Subud Youth Fellowship
The Subud Youth Fellowship is an initiative of the Subud Youth Activities International (SYAI) team.  This Fellowship will award a small group of innovative Subud entrepreneurs under 30 years of age with:

  • Start-up capital of up to $2,000;
  • One-on-one mentoring with an industry professional matched specifically to the focus, needs, and experience of the Fellow; and
  • Marketing, promotion, and awareness building through the international Subud Youth networks.

Through the Subud Youth Fellowship, the SYAI team hopes to provide the space and assistance for young Subud members to transform their entrepreneurial, creative, and social ideas into functioning projects.  We are working on getting the form translated into other languages.  The application deadline is the 1st of November 2015.  We will try and have a response for you by mid of November.
Download the form

Send the form to or Marcus
Also contact us if you have any questions.

2011 ‘YES QUEST’ at Rungan Sari:
This Quest was the tenth anniversary of the first ever Quest and was jointly run by the Quest Team and the International Subud Youth Team. The YES Quest is an inner journey and an outer journey. In 2011 the participants explored the Kalimantan wilderness and their deepest self in an intense personal and career development experience. You may read this short report or visit for more information.


The Human Force initiative is designed to bring a group of enthusiastic volunteers together with a project that needs them for specific tasks for a short period. As well as working, volunteers get a chance to learn about themselves and development issues. At the same time, projects benefit from volunteer labour and have the opportunity to raise their profile, locally, nationally and internationally.  To make a donation write to
HUMAN FORCE PARTNERS WITH ANISHA TO HOST THE FOURTH VOLUNTEER CAMP near Bangalore in India in early July 2012: Camp participants will help with a food security survey, teach English to local schoolchildren and help make a documentary film about the project! We encourage all to apply, and we particularly welcome applications from people with an interest in agriculture and/or experience in the above fields.To apply to be a volunteer, please contact and to read reports from previous camps visit SDIA blog – 2011 Human Force Camp.

The 2011 Human Force Camp
was at the Children’s Village just outside Jakarta, Indonesia, in July. Volunteers worked together and with the local community to support the mission and goals of the project by strengthening the community’s sustainability through organic farming (photo), participating in workshops with the community and teaching the children. Participants also joined in self-exploration workshops as a challenge to consider how their personal and professional development could be integrated with that of Subud and the world.
Alex Woodward (US) and Osanna Favre (Australia) launched the first ‘Human Force’ volunteer program in 2009 with SDIA under the name “Volunteers without Tears”.  This camp at Amanecer, Colombia, was launched with the intention of pinpointing the needs of projects and volunteers and how they can serve each other’s needs. The 2010 Human Force Volunteer Camp included clearing trees and creating art programs for children working with and for a Subud project in Mexico, Usaha Mulia Abadi.
Brief descriptions of the program: English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Russian
The IYTF was established to help finance the exchanges between young Subud members, their participation in Subud events and their travel expenses for volunteer and mentoring projects. The Muhammad Subuh Foundation (MSF) donated the first amount of USD $20,000 US to the International Youth Travel Fund in 2006. This fund is managed by the International Youth Coordinators, along with members of MSF, the WSA Executive and International Helpers. Together the reviews applications and determines how to help applicants financially. Thus young members from around the world have been assisted to visit congresses or gatherings far from home or to attend an SDIA project as a volunteer.
The application form can be downloaded in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Indonesian. Write to Subud Youth Internationalwith any questions.
Within the IYTF a particular effort was made by the youth and many groups to fundraise monies specifically to help young people attend the 2010 World Congress. This effort benefitted from the extra support of the Muhammad Subuh Foundation (MSF) and the Guerrand-Hermes Foundation for Peace (GHFP) who offered matching funds. A grand total, including matching funds, of USD $90,000 was raised to assist approximately 65 young people.


2010: Since World Congress the youth coordinators focused on building communication amongst themselves as well as developing channels of communication. The youth participated in several gatherings and events in 2010, notably in Germany, Colombia, Lithuania, the U.S., Indonesia, Britain, Moldova and at the Swiss Snowcamp at the end of the year. The Hamburg gathering was significant as being completely youth-run and organized. Throughout these activities and connections, the coordinators reflected that spiritual support for younger members is especially needed.

The youth in Indonesia were especially active, fundraising for and participating in emergency aid following the eruption of Mt. Merapi on Java in December, participating in the birthday celebrations for Bapak, Subud’s founder, ‘Hymne Remaja Subud‘ or ‘Hymne of Subud Youth’ in June and organizing a three-day youth anniversary celebration in August, ‘Tresno II Kudus 2010’. Over 50 youth attended this event that included a video workshop for disadvantaged children, disaster training, a full spiritual program and a visit to the village where Bapak’s was born.

In December the international Subud community was encouraged to host community dinners to fundraise for the International Youth Travel Fund (IYTF) resulting in approximately $3000. The IYTF assists and encourages young people to take an active part in the Subud community by providing stipends for travel. Reporting back and some amount of matching funding are required to participate.
2012: SYAI Report & Funding Application, June

2012: Mid-Term Review, February

2011: Youth Coordinator Report from the International Coordinators, Lucinda, Roland, Theresa, Steven, Alexandra, Ricardo

2010: Area 1 Youth Coordinator Report from Roland Fraval

2009: Indonesia Youth Report; SYAI Coordinators Report from Hamilton Manley and Rhyana Blakeley

2008: Americas Gathering Youth Activities in Colombia