The World Subud Association (WSA) is the umbrella organization for the worldwide Subud community. Members of the WSA are 54 national Subud organizations.
The essence of Subud is a spiritual exercise or training called the ‘latihan’ which is open to people whatever their religion or belief. Through this practice, a person may spontaneously experience inner changes that allow one to be more fully human, more sensitive to higher values and usually manifest themselves in a person’s everyday pursuits.
Subud involves no doctrine and is not based on following a particular leader/teacher; people form their own beliefs based on their personal experiences.
The WSA exists to support the practice and use of the latihan, the human activities that arise from it. The organization is responsible to organize a World Congress every 4 years, it is the congregation of the 54 member countries with many more members to agree on policy and decide on activities and projects that pursue the fulfillment of the constitutional aims of the WSA. The WSA is also responsible to preserve, translate and publish talks of the founder of Subud, Pak Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo.
Divided by organizational zones, this includes information on WSA member countries with online resources.
Featuring activities of the WSA and its affiliates concerning the broadly conceived humanitarian, developmental, educational and environmental and other aims of Subud.
Programs of the WSA which serve the internal needs of the organization and its members.
Media programs of the WSA, some of which pertain to the long-term projects of the WSA such as preserving archival material, the preservation, translation and publication of the talks of the founder of Subud, Bapak Sumohadiwidjojo, and more.
Useful documents and  information on international finances, worldwide initiatives and activities of the World Subud Council.

The World Subud Association has created affiliate organizations that support its work.

Susila Dharma International Association (SDIA) is the humanitarian affilate of WSA with a mission to relieve human suffering and promote just and sustainable development. www.susiladharma.org
The Subud International Cultural Association (SICA) advances and celebrates activities that grow out of the development of the human soul. It is the cultural affilate of WSA. www.subud-sica.org
The Muhammad Subuh Foundation (MSF) was established to fund the long-term objectives of the World Subud Association and accordingly funds various activities. www.msubuhfoundation.org
There are also other areas which help us develop through our work and are represented in the following wings and services of the WSA: Subud Enterprise International, Subud Youth Association International, Subud International Health Association, Care Support, Translation Unit, Archive Unit and Media Unit. An explanation of each of these services of the affiliates and wings is provided in the respective sections.
Photo of family project at the world congress in Freiburg – Puppet built by youth members