International Helpers

The main aims of the Subud organization are to facilitate the practice of the latihan and help enable members to understand its benefits and how to apply it in their everyday lives. To further these aims and to help individuals to feel and follow their own receivings, helpers with an international function are selected by testing for a four-year term. Their job is to visit groups and to do latihan together, answer questions and assist members. Their role is also to support local and national helpers.

In Subud, we sometimes use testing to deepen and widen our experience in the latihan. Testing is simply seeking guidance from a quiet inner place free from the influence of our thinking and desires. Perhaps the most important aspect of the work of the international helpers is to have an inner state such that they can receive guidance appropriate to the various situations they find as they travel among the membership in various countries.

 Eighteen international helpers 2014 – 2018

In a typical year, the 18 international helpers make over 80 journeys to approximately 50 countries. This work is an extraordinary testament to the vibrancy of the latihan and its diverse manifestations in the lives of individual members. Frequently the international helpers report on their visits, with the reports being distributed in the Subud media. They are also located on the various zone pages of this website.

The international helpers also answer letters from members, form part of the World Subud Council and distribute helper cards. They work in three geographic areas: Area 1 contains Asia and Australasia, Area 2 includes Europe and Africa, and Area 3 is the Americas. Current international helpers list.

International Helpers send reports on their visits to Subud members.  If you are looking for a particular report please contact:


International helpers are also responsible for the distribution of helper cards. While some countries with larger Subud populations have a supply of cards on hand, most countries work with the international helpers to ensure that new or sometimes existing helpers receive cards. The cards identify members that have followed a process to become helpers. This begins locally when helpers test with a member about the suitability of becoming a helper. Helper forms are downloadable here: English, Spanish, French, Russian. In countries without national committees or with few members, the international helpers assist the process from beginning to end, but in all cases, an international helper signs every card. You may read about the process in more detail in English, Spanish, Russian or Indonesian and view the cards in English and Spanish.

Resources for helpers including the opening statement can be found in the Subud Library

Resources for helpers to learn more about Crisis and Mental Illness in Subud.

World Congress Workshop Paper in English, Spanish.