WSA Care Support

In 2005, the World Subud Association established the WSA Care Support Program to support Subud members. The Subud Emergency Fund aims to help members who have personal emergency needs and the Subud Education Fund assists members and their families with scholarships for educational needs.

Care Support Coordinator:
Amanecer Urrutia (Popayán / Colombia)

Contact Amanecer Urrutia, wsacaresupport(at) for information about any aspect of the WSA  Care Support Program. Amanecer speaks English and Spanish.

1. How to apply
2. Joining the care team
3. Historical and organizational background
4. Making a donation
The Subud Emergency Fund helps people with emergency needs. If you have such a need, please apply for support, but only if there are no local, adequate social service programs available and if there is no local or National Subud Assistance program. If you have any questions or suggestions, email Amanecer Urrutia, Care Support Team Coordinator at wsacaresupport(at)
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CRITERIA: Assistance is typically a one-time grant to relieve a temporary but urgent need that cannot be met elsewhere. Download criteria

HOW TO APPLY: (All applications are confidential)


Downloadable Emergency Fund Application Form

French, Spanish, English, Russian

B. LOCAL EVALUATION: Review your situation with your local helper group to determine whether to proceed, possibly through testing. If testing is positive, ask one helper to complete the form and two helpers to sign.
C. NATIONAL REVIEW: If applicable, ask your national Subud Emergency Fund Representative to review the completed form and test. Otherwise ask a National Helper.If testing is positive, sign the form and send it, together with the documents detailed below, to Arnaud Delune.
D. SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION: Please provide a) supporting documentation to accompany the application form, such as a note from a doctor and the cost of the operation and b) any other important information regarding the amount of funds requested and the rationale. For example, if several items are needed for medical treatment – pre and post-operative – then the quantity and cost of each item must be documented; the name of the item (e.g. specific medication); and the purpose or function of each item stated, (e.g. medication to relieve what particular symptom).
E. FOLLOW-UP: Once the funds are received, a Subud Emergency Fund Representative or National Helper assisting you will receive a follow-up form. Please ensure that he or she signs the form and sends it to the Subud Emergency Fund Coordinator, or to the Care Support Program Coordinator, Arnaud, either by post or preferably by email.
URGENT APPLICATIONS: For applications that are especially urgent, for example, possible loss of life (e.g. an emergency operation to treat appendicitis) or some other serious negative consequence, the procedure is shortened. Steps two and three above are required but without the application form. Please then send as much possible documentation to Arnaud by email.  The Subud Emergency Fund follow-up form will still need to be completed.
New program ideas and Care Support Representatives are always needed.
The Care Support Program assumes the responsibility for ensuring that Subud members can help and support each other internationally.

Donations are gratefully accepted for the Care Support Program. The Subud Emergency Fund is careful to ensure that all donations are provided only to Subud members in real need and who have nowhere else to turn. Note that there may be tax benefits by donating through your national committee.



The Subud Education Fund has been established to provide assistance through scholarships and bursaries to Subud members and their family members (who would otherwise not be able to afford an education) that would help recipients enroll in an educational program. Criteria include academic results, financial needs and participation of family, involvement of student and/or family in Subud and in the community, and further testing whenever necessary. The scholarships will be awarded based on the availability of funds from year to year. Each grant is a one-time award for that year. Maximum awards amount to between $500 and $1,000, and the number of each will depend on funds available for that year. Renewal of any grant should never be taken for granted. It is strongly advised to look for existing local bursary schemes.
The scholarships are based on both merit and need, and will be awarded based on the availability of funds from year to year. Each grant is a one-time award for that year. Awards amount to $500 or $1,000, and the number of each will depend on funds available for that year.
A. USES: The scholarship may be used to meet costs of any of the following:
  • Registration and tuition costs at an educational institution or school. At this time, the Committee will consider applications for education based in country of residence only.
  • Costs of books and other supplies;
  • Living expenses incurred in living away from home, or if living at home, to offset living costs if the applicant cannot work during the program
B. CONDITIONS: Conditions for scholarship – the candidate must:
  • Provide proof of registration as a student at the educational institution identified in the application.
  • Provide a short report to the Subud Education Fund, with copies to the local Subud organization on the use of funds.
  • Participate in promotional events for the Education Fund (and Fundraising if possible) such as events in their local groups.
  • Contribute photos and articles for the Subud press on their experience and benefits.
C. PROCESS:  Award process, Disbursement and Scholarship grant management:
The scholarship application process starts with testing with the local Helpers whether it is right to apply to the Education Fund; if testing is positive, then the application forms are forwarded to the Care Support Team for review, and awards made on the criteria outlined in the application process. Funds will be disbursed according to the period of support, and costs outlined in the application. The disbursement amounts (one-time payment or smaller amounts) will be awarded on a case by case basis, subject to  availability of funds. The Education Fund reserves the right to refuse a scholarship.
Download the Subud Education Fund Principles of Operation: English, French, Spanish, Russian
Download the Subud Education Fund Application Form English, French, Spanish, Russian
Download the Subud Education Fund Application Package English, French Spanish
Download the Subud Education Fund Questions and Answers English, French
Information and inquiries to Amanecer Urrutia