Zone 6 – French speaking Africa

Zone Representative: Mendes Lemba Mente, Angola

Approximately 160 members, 3 countries

Welcome to the beautiful countries of Zones 6. This vast continent with a myriad of peoples, cultures and languages. Subud is active mainly in the Democratic Republic of Congo (RD Congo), Angola and Congo Brazzaville.

Travel is a challenge between groups in some of the countries, and even more difficult between countries. In spite of this, there have been several cross border trips sponsored by the WSA with committee members and helpers traveling from RD Congo to Congo Brazzaville, including attendance at the first ever Congo Brazzaville National Congress in 2009 (photo).

In the RD Congo there are several educational and social projects. For example outside Kinshasa the Lemba Imbu School with almost 500 children provides services in an undeveloped area. In Inkisi there is the Albadi School for orphaned children. For more complete descriptions of these projects visit the Susila Dharma International web site or see a list of projects. About one hour outside Kinshasa is the Kingantoko Centre, overlooking beautiful valleys. It is used on various occasions for gatherings, youth camps, and cultural events. In 2009 a rainwater collection system was installed, allowing the property to be used more frequently. Young members are working with other young people from local villages in order to cultivate some of the 51 hectares of land.

The purchase of a Subud house for the Matadi group in 2009 was made possible with a grant from the Muhammah Subuh Foundation and then another MSF grant and loan formed the basis for purchasing a house in Kinshasa in 2010. Both the first two Subud-owned latihan halls on the African continent. Matadi is about a four-hour drive on a main road from Kinshasa toward the Atlantic. (photo above)

Along this same road a group of members in Inkisi, spearheaded by Albert Dilua Mbanzila, have created a micro-credit lending institution. Many members make ends meet with small entreprenurial projects. Makengo Makape, the SICA Coordinator, is a well-known Congolese musician. Purchase his CD “Mvula Kintombo” [in French ‘Pluie Orageuse’ – or ‘Rainstorm’].


Country Chairperson/Contact Groups/Centers Members
Angola Mendes Mente Luanda 9
Congo Brazzaville Bethy Robert Brazzaville, Ossele, Point Noire 30
Democratic Republic of Congo Albert Diluambanzila Kiyenga, Selembao, Mont-Mgafula, N’djili,  Matadi, Inkisi, Moanda, Kimpemba, Kinvumu, Boma 124
Additional members live in Algeria and Tunisia: additional contact information.


Democratic Republic of Congo regularly hold National Congresses and two pan-African Zonal Meetings have been organized, one in 1995 in South Africa and the other in 2005 in Kinshasa, RDC.


2012:  Visit to Kinshasa Groups, Zone 6 Representative, Rida Liobo Loote English and French;
2010: Mission Republique du Congo Septembre, Rida Liobo Loote, French, English
2008: Democratic Republic of Congo & Congo Brazzaville, July

Kingantoko Center, Democratic Republic of Congo, 2005 Zone Meeting