WSA Services – supporting member countries and individual members

The World Subud Association (WSA) provides support for different aspects of Subud life.

I. WSA supports financially and organizationally the International Helpers  in  their work visiting the WSA member countries, attending national congresses and zone meetings.


Photos: Isti Jenkins directing quilt project given as a thank you gift to the Christchurch Subud Group for hosting the 13th World Congress. Subud Youth event in Indonesia.
II.  WSA member national organizations help each other through their zonal networks, and the WSA executive also provides financial and other support for the development of national congresses, zonal gatherings and other activities.
III. The WSA aims to nurture and strengthen the global Subud community. In addition to world congresses and international gatherings, the WSA provides newsletters, networking and many other forms of communication. This includes support for the community of younger Subud members.
IV. Subud members with emergency needs can apply to the WSA for assistance (see Care Support). Through the programs of the wings/affiliates  and the Muhammad Subuh Foundation (MSF), the international organization facilitates and supports members’ initiatives and projects.