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Over time, the Subud experience spontaneously enables one to be more oneself and more fully human. In part, this means that as one becomes more free from outside pressures and prejudices, one is more able to appreciate the needs of other people. As an expression of this aspect of the Subud experience, the WSA has aims in the fields of peace, social development, education, health, environment and entrepreneurship. In each of these areas the goal is to facilitate and nurture activities that embody human qualities guided by the latihan and which are beneficial for individuals, their communities and for humanity.

These Subud activities are comprised by the free initiatives of individual members,and so the WSA and its affiliates, Susila Dharma International Association and the Subud International Cultural Association, provide a supporting framework and network for such initiatives. In this section of the website, we will describe some of these Subud activities.


Since the WSA also aims to promote peace and harmony between peoples and because Subud members belong to all religions and none, the WSA has a program of participating in international fora related to inter-spiritual dialogue, sustainable development and other related issues, also included in this section.APRIL / MAY 2016
Connect – the World Subud Association e-magazine.

WSA Chair Elias Dumit, writes:
My dear Subud sisters and brothers,
Welcome to the first issue of Connect – the World Subud Association e-magazine. As our official vehicle, its aim is to present what Subud is about, what we support and encourage.

” There are simple but beautiful stories out there that illustrate how much we care for the latihan, how much we care for each other”

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MAY 2016
“For your information” – FYI

Here is our news report “For your information” – FYI.  We hope you will enjoy this additional communication tool. We would like to inform you more regularly on what is happening within the WSA team, the World Subud Council and at the national and zone meetings world wide.  We will also update you regularly on our next World Congress 2018.

We will provide a calendar with the meetings where members of the World Subud Council and the WSA team will be present. We would like to find places and spaces to meet in person with you, to join in the Latihan and come into a dialogue about your vision and needs. Your feedback will be helpful to us, especially where it concerns events in your area. Please write us!

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