The World Subud Council

The World Subud Council (WSC) consists of : the Chair of the World Subud Association, the chair of the Executive Team, the Zone Representatives (speaking through their zone representatives), the International Helpers and the Chairs or coordinators of the affiliates as well as the chair of the Muhammad Subuh Foundation.

Here is a contact list of council members.

The main function of the WSC is to represent Congress, i.e. the WSA member countries, between world congresses as well as carry out World Congress directives. (Minutes of council meetings are below.) Usually the full WSC meets once a year, but occasionally compact Council meetings are held.

THE WSC GUIDELINES supplement the WSA by-laws, which define the minimal duties of the officers and the basic functioning of the organization. This handbook serves to expand the meaning of that legal document in order to guide incoming officers of the WSA. It is not intended to be a rulebook and does not replace study of the by-laws themselves and does not replace commonsense, intelligence and receiving.
For Appendices 1 – 7, available in English only, contact:
Older versions of WSC Guidelines in: Spanish, French We are working on new translations.
In a paper titled ‘WHAT WE DO AND HOW WE DO IT’ Maya Korzybska, WSA executive vice-chair (2010 – 2014), exhorts: “What we, the World Subud Association Executive and Council (aka WSA Executive and WSC) do and how we do it!
Available in English; in Spanish and in German.

Maya Korzybska, WSA Vice-Chair (2010 – 2014) gives her view on the work of the WSC

WSC Meeting in September 2016 in Salobreña/ Spain
Final Minutes: English, French, Spanish
WSC Meeting in September 2015,  Santiago/Chile:
Final Minutes: EnglishFrenchSpanish

Reports and minutes from 2010 to 2013 please visit WSC meeting archives

Members of the World Subud Council (WSC) in  Indonesia