World Congress Organizing Team

Subud World Congress 2018
World Congress Organizing Team

We invite all sisters and brothers in Subud to join our walk to the World Congress in Freiburg. The first steps are done and we are highly motivated in Germany to welcome our guests from all over the world in summer 2018. We strive to ensure that the delegates are able to perform their tasks under good conditions in order to regulate the business of the WorldSubudAssociation; and that all participants can follow the Latihan Kejiwaan of Subud in suitable premises and can contribute through exchange, culture and joy to achieve peace in the world.

WCOTeam members

WCOT coordination:
Oliver Haitzmann
WSA Executive liaison:
Anwar Ziesel
WCOT office:
Hilma Wolf-Doettinchem

WCOT treasurer:
Lawrence Fryer

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