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2018 – Subud World Congress

Minutes Final English French Spanish

Resources for helpers to learn more about Crisis and Mental Illness in Subud:
World Congress Workshop Paper in English, Spanish.

2014 – Subud World Congress

This „2014 World Congress Report“ is not a report on the delegate meetings and resolutions, nor is it a report on the events and workshops. It is a ‘how we did it’ report on the actual organising of the 14th Subud World Congress in Puebla.

Though this may seem quite technical it is also very colourful and we hope enjoyable to read….it can be useful as a tool, but it can also be entertaining and an eye opener for members around to realise and appreciate the enormous work involved in setting up our world congresses.
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National Committees considering putting forward a proposal to host 2018 World Congress may find this list of requirements for venue, location and facilities for a World Congress helpful. Please contact the WSA Executive Team at for further information and if you have any questions.

Proposals to host 2018 Subud World Congress

Subud Britain

Subud Germany

Subud Indonesia


  • Nomination and Election Procedure: English French Spanish
  • Job Description WSA Chair, WSA Exec Chair and Zone Reps: English French Spanish
  • Minutes of 2010 World Congress  English French Spanish
  • Letter from International Helpers Dewan: selection of in-coming International Helpers: English, French, Spanish
  • Delegate Guide:
    A guide has been prepared for Delegates to World Congress including information about the role of a Congress Delegate, the business of Congress and some key dates.  Delegate Guide: English Spanish


  1. Subud USA Proposal – Revise WSA Bylaws: English French Spanish
  2. Subud Germany Proposal – WSA Non-Profit registration be moved from USA: English French Spanish
  3. Subud Italy – 3 Proposals: English French Spanish
  4. SESI Proposal: English French Spanish
  5. SDIA Proposal: English French Spanish
  6. Subud Spain Proposals:  English – French –  Spanish
  7. Subud Portugal Proposal: English – French – Spanish
  8. Zone 3/Italy Proposal: English French Spanish
  9. SYAI Structure Proposal: English  Spanish
  10. Australia Recommendation: English  Spanish

Country Feedback to Proposals:
USA’s feedback
Lucian Parshall, Subud USA’s outgoing Committee Councillor writes: ‘We felt it would be useful for the other delegates to know that we have reviewed their material and have a response’.
Germany´s and Austria´s feedback
to the WSA Membership and SYAI change of structure proposals

WSA Membership, Decision Making in Subud (Consensus)
WSA member country’s delegates will be asked to vote on these topics at World Congress and need to be fully briefed to avoid lengthy discussions during plenary sessions.

At the 2010 World Congress in New Zealand proposals concerning WSA Membership, Consensus and the WSA Mission statement were discussed.  To take action on these resolutions, the World Subud Council (WSC) formed a sub-committee An Organization Work Group. National committees were asked to nominate members for an Advisory Group and discussions were facilitated and consulted on these topics.

Organisation Work Group Background NOTE: The Organization Work Group was not asked to consider the WSA Mission Statement and is therefore providing results / recommendations on WSA Membership and Decision Making in Subud only.

WSA Membership
Download the WSA Membership Discussion paper: English, French, Spanish

Decision Making in Subud (Consensus)
Download the Discussion paperEnglish  Spanish

World Subud Association (WSA) Mission Statement
WSA Member Country Delegates will be asked to ratify the WSA Mission Statement at World Congress.

The current 2010 – 2014 World Subud Council (WSC) have taken forward the work of creating and agreeing a WSA Mission Statement. The following version was agreed at the Council meeting in Vancouver, 2012 and is simply a statement that briefly describes to ‘outsiders’ what Subud is about and how we work together. Download the proposed WSA Mission Statement here: English, French  Spanish

WSA Archives Workshop Discussion paper
Subud USA submitted a proposal through Zone 7 concerning archives and it is being put forward as a starting point for a workshop at the World Congress with the intention of ‘advancing the discussion’ on the need for a more permanent archive structure. Download the WSA Archives Discussion paper here: English, Spanish, French – coming soon!

Letter from Harlinah Longcroft to archivists and delegates


WSA Chair and Deputy
WSA Chair report
WSA Deputy Chair Report

WSA Executive
WSA Exec Report: English, Spanish
WSA Exec Report Attachments 1 – 5
WSA Exec Report Attachment 6

WSA Executive Functions

History of Subud WSA Archives 2010 – 2013 WSA Finances 2010 – 2013
KIC Liquidation Trust WSA Care Support WSA Internet
SPI WSHPP WSA Translations (of Bapak and Ibu Rahayu’s Talks)
WSA 2014 Headcount report

WSA Affiliate and Partner Organisations


WSA Archives
MSF Report on Preservation of Talks

Zone Reports

Zone 1&2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6 in French  English Zone 7 Zone 8 Zone 9

International Helpers Report

Area 1 Area 2 Area 3

 Recommendations for Zone Representatives and the World Subud Council English, Spanish.



2010 WORLD CONGRESS OUTCOMES:Osanna’s Prelude to the Congress Minutes
2010 World Congress Minutes, v3
2010 World Congress Minutes, v3 FRENCH
2010 World Congress Minutes, v3 SPANISH
Working Party Paper: Strengthening our Organization
Working Party Paper: Talents, Projects and Wings
Working Party Paper: External Relations
Working Party Paper: Finance and Muhammad Subuh Foundation
Working Party Paper: Helpers
Updated WSA bylaws
WSA Archives Resolutions and Recommendations
Wisma Subud Heritage Resolution
ISC/WSA Name Change Proposal

How to improve our World Congresses? Read this report compiled by Dave Hitchcock, Zone 7 Representative, with input gathered from across the globe along with another report gathered from members in South America (Spanish) (English).

2010 World Congress Minutes English French

1. Minutes of 2005 World Congress
2. WSA Financial Report, Samuel Simonsson, WSA Treasurer
3. Proposals:

  1. WSA Countries: Chile
  2. WSA/MSF, international working groups, congress translationsSES, choosing IHs, consensus: Germany
  3. Future of SES, A Summary: Luke Penseney and Rashad Pollard
  4. France: Zonal Wing Coordinators, Regional Meetings, Africa, Subud terminology, financial legacies, Helpers without Borders
  5. Wisma Subud Proposal, ISC/WSA executive
  6. Archives Proposal, ISC/WSA executive
  7. Name Change From ‘ISC’ to ‘WSA Executive’

4. SYA and SES discussion papers
5. World Congress 2014 Proposal from Mexico

Area 1: Area 2: Area 3:
Bangladesh Britain France Peru
Indonesia Germany Israel USA
India Switzerland Norway Canada
Japan Ukraine Austria Suriname
Italy South Africa Colombia
Ireland Netherlands Venezuela
RD Congo Denmark Ecuador SP/EN)
Lithuania Russia Argentina, SP, EN
ISC/WSA Executive Report, Garrett Thomson, ISC/WSA Executive Chair 2005-2009
WSA Internet Coordinator Report, Matthew Weiss, WSA Internet Coordinator
Subud Publications International (SPI), Leonard Hurd, SPI Administrator
Care Support, Rayner Sutherland, Care Support Administrator
History of Subud Report, Harlinah Longcroft, author of Subud’s History
WSA Archives Report, Amalijah Thompson  (see No. 10 above under Documents for Delegates)
External Relations Report, Amalia Rasheed, External Relations Coordinator
Latihan Premise Report, Santa Raymond, WSA Housing Matters
Media Report, Armand Bisson, Media Coordinator
Publicaciones Espanol, Paloma de la Vina, Spanish Translations Coordinator
Three World Subud Association Chairpersons, Sharif Horthy, (1997-2001) Osanna Vaughn, (2005-2010)
Muchtar Martins (1993-1997)