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Be Enterprising or be a Host
– How to Solve the Structural Deficit
of the World Subud Association

From Hilaria Dette, Treasurer of the World Subud Association

Dear brothers and sisters,

it has been 35 years this summer that I have been opened in the Wiesbaden group in Germany. In my time as an applicant when reading Bapak’s talks I didn’t understand him repeatedly saying we should be enterprising. Now, serving as treasurer for WSA, I finally can experience first-hand, why Bapak encouraged us to be enterprising. I see this in the broader sense of living an entrepreneurial spirit and making things happen. Bapak must have foreseen, that we would need the entrepreneurial spirit of individual members for the sustainability of Subud.

After this introduction let me present the current financial situation shown in Q 3 (our report of the WSA finances from January to September 2017) which we publish today.  Continue reading and download letter here

Download the WSA 2017 accounts Q3 here


Soyez un entrepreneur ou soyez un hôte – Comment résoudre le déficit structurel de l’Association Subud Mondiale (ASM)

De Hilaria Dette, trésorière de l’ASM

Chers frères et sœurs,
Cela fait 35 ans cet été que j’ai été ouverte dans le groupe de Wiesbaden en Allemagne. Quand j’étais candidate et que je lisais les causeries de Bapak, je n’ai pas compris pourquoi Bapak répétait sans cesse que nous devrions avoir l’esprit d’entreprise. Maintenant, en tant que trésorière de l’ASM, je peux enfin expérimenter de première main, pourquoi Bapak

nous a encouragé à être entreprenants. Je vois cela dans le sens plus large de vivre un esprit d’entreprise et de faire bouger les choses. Bapak a dû prévoir que nous aurions besoin de l’esprit d’entreprise de chaque membre pour soutenir Subud. Continuez à lire et à télécharger une lettre Continuez à lire et à télécharger la lettre


Sean Emprendedores o sean Anfitriones

Cómo resolver el déficit estructural
de la Asociación Mundial Subud

De Hilaria Dette, Tesorera de la Asociación Mundial Subud

Queridos hermanos y hermanas,
Este verano se ha cumplido 35 años desde que recibí la apertura en el grupo de Wiesbaden en Alemania. En el tiempo que pasé como aspirante, cuando leía las charlas no entendía por qué Bapak repetía constantemente que debíamos ser emprendedores. Ahora, sirviendo como tesorera de la WSA,  puedo por fin experimentar de primera mano la razón por la que Bapak nos animó a ser emprendedores. En el sentido más amplio veo esto como vivir con un espíritu emprendedor y hacer que las cosas sucedan. Bapak debió prever que necesitaríamos el espíritu emprendedor de los miembros individuales para la sostenibilidad de Subud. Continúa leyendo y descarga la carta completa aquí

Assistance Fund for World Congress

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Although it is hoped that each Zone can sponsor their own delegates who need assistance to be able to attend the congress, this is not always possible – especially in areas of economic challenges both for the zones and members. The WSA feels its responsibility to be of assistance to meet these challenges. Therefore, an Assistance Fund is being created to help defray the costs for those who are economically challenged to come to Congress.

We are establishing a General Fund to which individuals can contribute. The funds, although administered by the WSA, would be allocated to three different categories of needs: Delegates, General Membership and Youth Travel Fund. These funds would be managed by the WSA but the distribution would be supported by the Zone Representatives for the delegates and general membership, and by the Youth Representatives and Coordinator for youth travel.

We are hoping that by having the contributions go into one fund with the possibility of earmarking donations, we can build up a fund that can cover the overall needs of our brothers and sisters who wish to attend the congress. If the funds in one category surpass the needs of that category – for example, if donations to delegates are in excess of what is needed – then the surplus would be re-allocated to other categories of assistance.

To simplify the registration procedure, there will be no discounts built into the actual registration system. Therefore the Assistance Fund may also cover registration fees if needed.

As transparency is most important, a monthly update on the fund will be communicated to all members. Funds have already come in for youth travel to World Congress and some assistance funds have also been donated.

We thank everyone for their support.

Donate to Assistance Fund

Crowdfunding Initiative

Newsletter FYI #6 is online


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Project Quest 2018

Do you have a project you want to make happen in the world?

Then join us for this 6 day, ALL AGES Project Quest in Germany, immediately before
World Congress.  Held at a lodge in the beautiful Black Forest, 20 minutes out of Freiburg, from 21 – 27 July, the YES Quest team are offering this ‘Project Quest’, in keeping with the focus of Congress, which is to create activities, projects, and enterprises which express the latihan in the world.

All participants will be expected to come with at least the beginnings of a project idea. As well as the usual Quest activities focussing on personal awareness and life direction, we will work with everyone to develop their project concept, plan it, and enhance their capacity to make it happen. Everyone will have the chance to present their project to a big audience at Congress and will be in the running for the award of cash grants to help put their project into action.

The cost for the six days, including transport to and from Freiburg, Quest program, food, and accommodation is 250 euros.

The program will be designed and facilitated by Marlena Basser and Peter Jenkins, with the assistance of trainee facilitators Rhyana Blakeley, Roland Fraval and Guillaume Sanchez During the Quest we will also give a short training so that Quest participants can assist us with three major Interactive Sessions at World Congress, called: Discovery, Vision, and Action.

If you would like to be part of this exciting Project Quest, please send an email to Marlena Basser asking for an application form. We are hoping to offer some grants towards the 250-euro fee, especially to young participants from poorer countries. Young people may also be able to apply to the International Youth Travel Fund for assistance with air-fares (which are not included in the fee). No matter what your age (18 – 88), if you are interested, you should apply as soon as possible, and definitely before you book your travel to World Congress.

There will be an exciting program, lots of music and fun in the evenings walks in the Black Forest, profound personal insights, support, and celebration.  If you have any questions, send an email to Marlena (Marlena AT or Peter (peter AT

We look forward to making things happen in the Black Forest.

Peter Jenkins

The website for the World Congress is online!

Osanna Vaughn writes
“The website for the 15th Subud World Congress, which will be held in Freiburg, Germany, from July 28th to August 8th, 2018, is now online at:

A special thanks go to Andrea Sillem for all the work she has put into this project. Obviously, a bunch of other people from the WSA Exec and WCOT team has also been involved, and the texts are now in the hands of the translators so that the site will soon be available in different languages.

The site does not yet include the possibility for registration, as that is planned for some time in November; however, it covers just about everything else you would want to know about the coming World Congress.

In addition to this official site, Eugenia Stark is managing the lively Subud World Congress 2018 Freiburg Facebook page, where many questions are being asked and answered. She is very busy with the task, however; so the request to members is to check out the official site first, to see if they can find answers to their questions there.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in Freiburg!”

WSC members in tram in Freiburg
The World Congress Facebook Page is online!

Registration fee for World Congress

During its recent meeting in Freiburg, the World Subud Council approved the following registration fee structure for the 2018 Subud World Congress in Freiburg:

Early bird fee (registering before February 28, 2018): 350.- euros

Normal fee (registering between March 1 and June 14, 2018, incl.): 390.- euros
Latecomer fee (as of June 15): 450.- euros

Children and young members under 18 do not have to pay for registration.
Deadline is up to the 27th of July 2018. Anyone who turns 18 during the congress qualifies as a paying attendee.

Daily fee45 EUR (for all from 18 and above)

A fund to help people needing support for the registration fee will be set up. Applications for support will go through the national committee and zone structures, not directly to the Congress team.
An intention of participation will be possible as of October 2017, while actual registrations will be possible as of the new year.

15th Subud World Congress
in Freiburg

July 28th – August 8th, 2018

You may come for the latihan… to re-connect with friends… to develop your project… to represent your group, your Zone, your Country… to stand for office… to support your Congress proposal… to support the development of Subud. And when you come, you bring your gifts with you – your experience, skills, understanding, talents, hopes, and ideas.

We are developing plans and processes that will draw on these gifts that you bring to define the future we strive for and the means to reach it. When you make the decision to come to Congress, your contribution has begun.

Unity of Subud – Unity of Work – Unity of Purpose

Unity of Subud: The theme for the Freiburg Congress will be “Unity”. This symbolizes the integration and working together on all aspects of Subud – Members, Wings, Youth, Helpers, WSA, Zones and Countries to support the process of taking the latihan into the world. This will be done at Congress through “Unity of Work” and “Unity of Purpose”.

Unity of Work: Previous congresses have often been spread over a wide area. Sometimes there has been a long walk to reach a Wing center or the Children’s area. There have been many ‘breakout’ rooms, sometimes as many as 40. The delegates have been locked away in one room, international helpers in another, and the members rarely see them. At Freiburg, the major Congress action will be unified in one huge space, with the presence and involvement of members, delegates, all the Wings, helpers, zones, countries, and groups. Every element and aspect of Subud will be involved in our unity of work.

Unity of Purpose: It was resolved at the Mexico Congress that: “Our International Subud Organization and especially the helpers pay more attention to the outer development of Subud in line with Bapak’s constant encouragement to make the latihan visible in the world through working together on projects and enterprises”. (Subud Italy on behalf of Zone 3). This is the mandate that calls us to a unity of purpose. The Freiburg Congress will focus on the development of projects that express the latihan in the world.

Three promises

The Congress team invites you to join us in the three promises we make: To do the latihan – to put the latihan into action in the world – through a unity of Subud, of work and of purpose, integrating the individual talents and competencies which are represented in the worldwide Subud family.

Connect Magazine
2nd edition

WSA Treasurer Hilaria
WSA Treasurer Hilaria Dette

Letter from Hilaria Dette,
Treasurer of the World Subud Association

concerning the WSA 2017 Q2 accounts

Invitation: Make the Future Happen –
Prepare yourself for World Congress

Dear brothers and sisters,

Preparations for World Congress pick up speed. The World Congress Organizing Team is working diligently and the coordinator attends several congresses to include countries and individual members in the preparations. Therefore the expenses increased compared to our assumptions when budgeting last year. All other expenses are in their frame.

Before the World Subud Council meeting starts next week in Freiburg, we publish the finance report On the first view you can see that the income from countries, individuals and enterprises is behind the amounts we expected. The gap between income and expenses is about USD 50,000.

Matching fund to be continued – every contribution counts double

Do you remember we had a successful fundraising campaign due to a matching fund last year. This will be continued. Therefore one dollar you send to WSA, means two dollars to be able to carry Bapak’s mission to future generations. Did you ever ask for inner guidance about the significance of sending funds to the World Subud Association?

Where do we spend the money for?

We are spending our funds to carry on Bapak’s mission. International helpers are visiting groups and support members during zonal meetings in preparing themselves for World Congress. In the first half of 2017, they spent around USD 70,000 which is above the expenses at this time in the previous year.

To preserve Bapak’s legacy and make the talks available to members up to now we spend less than by June last year. We didn’t yet send our contribution to Subud Publications International.

The Human activities program is comparable with former years. Last year there has been an exemption because of a restricted donation which we forwarded to the Muhammad Subuh Foundation to spend on Subud houses.

The expenses for the supporting services (USD 50,000) are also comparable with the previous year. This includes travels of the zone representatives, the chairs, and the executive team.

Hope you can follow the preparations for World Congress through the newsletters and the new facebook side. The homepage should be ready by end of August and the registration is planned to open by October.

Love and blessings,


WSA 2017 accounts Q2 ENG
WSA 2017 accounts Q2 SPA

WSA 2017 accounts Q2 FRA
WSA 2017 accounts Q2 IND


TOGETHER AS ONE  – The WSA Annual Report 2016

Together as One - WSA Annual Report 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In 2016 we continued to work together as one body in harmony guided by the latihan knowing that progress can only happen when we work together in unity. Meetings and events around the world brought together members of our team, these meetings were often held in conjunction with a local congress or zonal events so we could keep in touch with the membership. We additionally had a working meeting in the spring which was necessary to renew our efforts to manifest our goals and our commitment to the service of Subud during the remainder of our term. Working through email and Skype is very supportive but doesn’t replace face to face meetings. We participated actively in the joint Zone 3 and 4 gathering in Poland where more than 400 Subud members young and old came together. The main topics were the preparation of the World Congress in 2018, copyright and publication issues, working groups on WSA Archives and IT issues.

The Americas gathering in Cali, Colombia was a second gathering which saw many of us come together on different levels. The “Gran Salon” in the  International Subud Center Amanecer in Colombia was a major topic. A working group from WSA, Muhammad Subuh  Foundation (MSF), Subud Colombia, Fundación Amanecer and wing chairs are working on a strategy to bring life into this center, renovating the building in 2 phases with the support of the MSF as well as separate fundraising efforts. The title is currently held by MSF for the World

Subud Association. MSF is considering finding new title holders to take over the administrative responsibility. The World Subud Council meeting (WSC) was held in September in Salobreña, Spain. One of the important outcomes of this meeting was the importance of the wings working in an integrated way to create a greater impact in the world. The plans for a joint youth gathering in Kalimantan (Basara Youth Camp) were presented as the first experiment in this joint venture field of the wings. The zone representatives supported by the international helpers and wing chairs, worked hard to set the goals for the next year which would be the year to lead us to 2018, the final step to World Congress. It was determined that our next council meeting would be held in Freiburg using the world congress venue. The World Congress Organizing Team worked diligently to establish the plan for the low of the Congress. Around 28 members have joined as volunteers to head the work of organizing such an event and to work with the city of Freiburg to make sure that the venue is well suited to facilitate our coming together for the work of Subud in the future. We see and acknowledge the fact that our youth need to take an active part in establishing the overall

content and flow of Congress 2018. The year’s events culminated in the exemplary work of all those who planned, facilitated and oversaw the “Basara Youth Camp” in Kalimantan/Indonesia. This camp saw over 150 young people from all over the world come together to grow in their understanding of Subud and the presence and importance it has in their own lives. An important focus was the joint work of all wings present in support of the young members in planning and implementing projects for the benefit of their lives and Subud. We would like to take this opportunity to thank George Demers, Youth Activities Coordinator who passed away on the last day of the Basara Youth Camp in Kalimantan, his final gift to Subud was in the great work done by all for the facilitation of this camp. Thank you, George.


The WSA Team




Message from the WSA TEAM:
During our times together in 2015, we became convinced that our most important mandate is to work together as one body with harmony guided by the latihan and that progress only happens when first there is that harmony and an understanding of unity.

Many events and meetings brought us together. We were able to see which areas of our work needed attention and how to set our goals and direction for the remainder of our four-year term. Many important events throughout the year gave birth to our work for the next three years.

Annual report available in: EnglishFrenchSpanishIndonesian

Nurture the tree – Funding the Future of Subud – Target for 2016 is US$ 250,000Hilaria Dette, WSA Treasurer, writes:
Dear brothers and sisters,
I’d like to share with you news of the current financial situation of the World Subud Association (WSA) and ways of how we can all contribute to a secure future for Subud, nurturing the growth of our Subud tree. Today we publish the 2 quarterly report (Q 2/2016).

The Subud tree shows the fruits to be visible within the next years and the means how we are getting there. At the roots, you can see how the tree can be nurtured by all of us.

Please read the document in EnglishFrenchIndonesianRussianSpanish

In addition please read the Q2 report in  English

Muhammad Subuh Foundation –
Call for 2016 Proposals
Environmental Challenge Grants

One of the primary missions of the Muhammad Subuh Foundation (MSF) is to foster the creation of new Subud houses and to support the improvement of existing ones. In 2015 the trustees began a grant program directing a limited amount of MSF’s resources to ecological and sustainable improvements of existing Subud properties. This program is being continued for the 2016 award season.

Purpose of grant:

To assist Subud centers that wish to first research and then implement a “green” renovation to their Subud owned property. The challenge is to encourage groups to become more ecologically aware and have efficient as well as healthy buildings. Renovations can deal with a variety of issues that a group wishes to address e.g., energy consumption, water usage, indoor air quality, etc. that will provide for a long-term, positive environmental impact and at the same time enhance the value of their Subud property.

Up to three grants of not more than US$ 5000 each will be awarded this year. These special awards will be provided through the General Fund.

Read more in EnglischIndonesianFrenchSpanishRussian

Connect –
the World Subud Association e-magazine.
WSA Chair Elias Dumit writes:

My dear Subud sisters and brothers,
Welcome to the first issue of Connect – the World Subud Association e-magazine. As our official vehicle, its aim is to present what Subud is about, what we support and encourage.

There are simple but beautiful stories out there that illustrate how much we care for the latihan, how much we care for each other”

Download the e-magazine “connect” in EnglishFrenchSpanish

“For your information” – FYIHere is our news report “For your information” – FYI.  We hope you will enjoy this additional communication tool. We would like to inform you more regularly on what is happening within the WSA team, the World Subud Council and at the national and zone meetings worldwide.  We will also update you regularly on our next World Congress 2018.

We will provide a calendar with the meetings where members of the World Subud Council and the WSA team will be present. We would like to find places and spaces to meet in person with you, to join in the Latihan and come into a dialogue about your vision and needs. Your feedback will be helpful to us, especially where it concerns events in your area. Please write us!
Download FYI #3 in French English Indonesian Spanish

Download FYI #2 in English

Download FYI in EnglishFrenchIndonesianRussianSpanish

What about a cup of coffee per week for Subud international?

WSA BUDGET 2016 has been approved and the Q 4 the report about the expenses of he previous year have been published

When was the last time you invited a friend for a cup of coffee? Yesterday, last week or last month? Would you invite a Subud brother or sister from abroad traveling through your country? I’am sure you would.

So please think about the value of international Subud work for you and what you can personally afford. One cup of coffee per week for Subud, would that be possible?
Or would you like to pay the coffee for others who can’t afford to do so? Imagine: if each member could support WSA with only one Dollar per week, the current expenses could be paid.

The budget for 2016 has been approved by all zone representatives end of February. It includes about USD 499,000.

Read more in:     EnglishIndonesianFrenchRussianSpanish

WSA 2015 Accounts Q4


This was our first full year of the new board working together and it was very productive. We awarded grants to 12 centers in 9 countries, launched a new category called “Eco-Grants” to fund environmental improvements at Subud centers, and many more…..

Download the report in EnglishFrenchSpanish

Message from the chair, Elias:

The World Subud Association team has felt deeply what Ibu Rahayu said to us that the “organization is the vessel and the vehicle to convey the latihan kejiwaan of Subud to future generations”.

Indeed, we understand that the reason Bapak, after receiving the latihan kejiwaan, created the organization for us, for humankind, was to enable us to receive the latihan with the same purity as received by Bapak himself.

English Spanish