Western Europe

Zone Representative:  Hannah de Roo, Netherlands
Secretary: Ruth Taylor, UK
Treasurer: Reinhard Haster, Netherlands

The Zone has eight country members: BeLux, Britain, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

Zone 3 has a long history in Subud, as Subud got its first foothold in the West in 1957 in Britain and from there it quickly spread to the surrounding countries.

Zone 3 owns 24 Subud properties (the majority in Britain) and there are several long term lease contracts.  With decreased numbers in the groups, the aim is to make properties more profitable and use them as an opportunity to be enterprising on a collective scale, turning our Subud houses into flourishing Centerprises.  LINK: Zone 3 properties

An Alphabetical Tour of the Zone:

BeLux is smallest in terms of membership numbers and geographical area, but this nucleus of members is committed to the practice of the Latihan. Groups are located in Brussels and Antwerp and so far there is one member in Luxembourg.

Chair: Sandra Creemers Sandracreemers@hotmail.com

Britain has the largest membership in the zone with one thousand members. It has a well-developed organizational structure with regions, regional helpers and regional chairs, who also act as trustees on the national board. Financially it is a big contributor to both the zone and to the WSA. Wings activity is well represented, and the very popular Subud Youth Families Association has enriched the lives of many Subud families with young children, both within the UK and zonally.  Britain also owns quite a few Subud centers that do well as an enterprise, particularly the Amadeus Centre in London, which is an important contributor to the national fund.

Chair: Louse Mackenzie  national.chair@subudbritain.org

France has a strong organisation and has maintained a steady development in recent years.  The new National Council team is a harmonious one with all key committee roles filled. It aims to build on the work of its predecessors and encourage greater coordination between the committee and kejiwaan aspects of Subud life. There are four major groups (Paris, Mayenne, South-West and South-East) that are linked with several smaller groups (Nice, Montpellier, Toulouse and Versailles ), which are a developing trend.

Chair: Maria Blakey subud.france53@gmail.com

Ireland has a scattered membership similar to Italy, but they are willing to travel long distances to meet for latihan and social activities. Youth is well represented and enterprise support has traditionally been strong here.

Chair: Andrew Thomson ireland@subud.org

Italy has a small but persistent and dedicated membership. They are widely scattered with isolated members and small groups. Subud Italy owns a property in Florence that is currently used as a commercial asset for the country.

Chair: vacant  KC: Margarita Pizzi pizziballesta@gmail.com

The Netherlands is a well organized Subud country with eight groups, a national committee, a national helpers team, two self-owned Subud houses and a healthy financial position. Like most countries, membership has been slowly decreasing with an average age moving to the grey area.

Chair: Reinhard Haster rhaster9@gmail.com

Portugal Apart from a small group in Porto and some isolated members, Subud Portugal is concentrated in Lisbon. For such a small membership Portugal has realized some amazing projects: Bucelas (a retreat/meeting place in the countryside some 60 km from Lisbon) and the Lisbon Subud house, that was aquired with support from the zone and MSF. The Roda Viva project for childcare and education of immigrant children is an excellent example of Susila Dharma activity.

Chair: Anali Lopes anali_lay@hotmail.com

Spain is the European gateway to South America; there are close contacts between the countries and there is an active Spanish translation unit. Spain is the country of fiestas and firmly held traditional values. The Alpujarra Group near Orgiva in the south, has succeeded in building a new and beautifully situated Subud centre, officially opened at a WSC meeting in 2016. In a very real sense this is a centre for the Zone, hosting Zone Council and Zone Helpers meetings, as well as being the base for enterprising group members.

Chair: Hannah Soto   ajnacris@gmail.com or carlamorenobock@gmail.com

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2015 Zone3 Council Meeting Minutes

2014 Zone 3 Council Report, Las Alpujarras, Granada, Spain – English Spanish

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