Websites of the WSA

 Sebastian Median WSA IT Coordinator
Sebastian Medina (photo) is the World Subud Association IT and website Coordinator.
Contact Sebastian: sebastian.medina AT
The World Subud Association and its affiliates have a number of official websites: Web site for the public Web site for the Subud organization With news, contacts and event listings from around the world A library for members with extensive, regularly updated talks of Bapak and Ibu Rahayu. This site offers talks in eight languages per their availability. Subud International Cultural Association – activities that grow from developing the human soul Subud Enterprise Services International – enterprise resources within the World Subud Association and Books by and for Subud Members Projects and endeavours of Subud members.
WSA Virtual Office is a resource center for WSA documents and permanent records for the World Subud Council, the WSA executive (ISC) and WSA generally. The website is password protected and is available for National and International officers. Write to for more information.
Though each country may use their personal creativity for building websites, some general guidelines for creating national web sites can be down loaded in English or Spanish.
There are numerous web sites that have been set up by individual Subud members which are not official sites of the WSA, but which reflect the individuality of Subud members. Guidelines concerning web sites can be read and downloaded here. This is an extract within the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the WSA and member countries.