Subud Publications International (SPI)

From 1957 to 1987, Bapak gave 1,696 documented talks of which we have 1,315 recordings. These talks provide an extraordinary insight into the experience of the founder of Subud and contain much guidance about the practice of the latihan. Nevertheless, they do not form a Subud teaching or creed. Each individual Subud member forms his or her own understanding of the spiritual journey directly from his or her experience.  The talks are no substitute for that but they are a rich and invaluable supplement.
Subud Publications International (SPI) is the publishing arm of the WSA. Its mission is to retranscribe, retranslate, publish and distribute the complete writings and recorded talks of Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo. As of September 2017, there are 32 volumes of the complete talks published by SPI in English.
Edward_Signing_1.jpgSPI is a registered charity in the UK and it works with the WSA which owns the copyright of Bapak’s talks. The relationship is defined by a licensing agreement between WSA and SPI. Photo: Edward Mackenzie, (former) SPI Trustee, signing the agreement in 2006.
SPI has a website from which Subud members can purchase the Bapak’s Talks volumes, Bapak’s work ‘Susila Budhi Dharma,’ the talks of Ibu Rahayu, Bapak’s daughter and other books. One can also purchase MP3s and DVDs on the SPI website at
Books written by members, and Subud members’ own literary works can be purchased at
The origins of SPI began in 1965 and it was formally constituted in 1975. The Board of Trustees currently comprises Reinier Sillem (chairperson), Robin & Valerie Drewett, Muchtar Nankivell, George Helmer and Stewart Horthy. Leonard Hurd is the administrator/manager.


JULY 2012
SPI reports to the World Subud Council on their progress. Bapak’s Talks, Volume 24 in English and Volume 20 in Russian published, video talks now available with sub titles in several different languages
JUNE 2010
SPI reports to the World Subud Council on their latest developments and accomplishments. SPI publishes talks in English and Russian, and plans to resume publications in Spanish.

As mentioned earlier, Bapak’s talks are a supplement to the direct experience of the latihan and may have little meaning outside of that context. However, introductory books on Subud are available for purchase at  To read about the translations of these talks, visit the translations page of this site. There are also various books available to download at no cost, such as Harlinah Longcroft’s classic, Subud is a Way of Life.
The Subud Library contains over 1,700 talks (many previously unpublished), audio tapes, books and articles by Bapak, Ibu Rahayu, and others with translations in English, Indonesian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Russian, Farsi and Vietnamese. The WSA site is available to Subud members thanks to the work of Vernon Contessa.
Subud members may sign up to receive one of Bapak’s talks every week via e-mail at