Subud International Cultural Association (SICA)

The Subud International Cultural Association (SICA) works at the intersection of creativity and spirituality to advance and celebrate activities that grow out of the development of the human soul. We invite you to explore and find that art or culture of your true self.

SICA is a nonprofit organization established in 1983 and provides programs and services to Subud members and other organizations working for the public benefit in the fields of art, culture, and creativity. National SICA associations exist in Canada, Australia, and the USA, while in other countries SICA is part of the national Subud organization.

  • SICA  provides information, training, networking, and support services as well as opportunities to engage with regional, national, and international cultural initiatives and events.
  • SICA sponsors conferences, festivals, symposia, publications, exhibitions, performances, workshops, research, and other activities — for both Subud members and the general public.
  • SICA affirms that culture, as the outer expression of our inner selves, embraces all understandings and human endeavor. Its expression is powerful and vigorous, enabling us to feel and value our real selves and know our real direction in life.

     Sebastian Flynn, SICA chair


A Message From Sebastian Flynn, New SICA Chair

“Experience the Intersection of Creativity and Spirituality” — the new tag line for SICA online.

The tireless and dedicated work of outgoing SICA Chair Latifah Taormina and her Board has brought SICA to a place where it can now use its well-developed structure to initiate a series of enterprise-oriented creative projects that will be both remunerative and also help to create a tangible profile for SICA and Subud in the world.
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Sebastian Flynn (Australia), Chair, Felix Juan Prieto, (Vice Chair and liason for Central and Latin America), Rusydah Ziesel (Germany), Latifah Taormina (USA), Erica Sapir.
IH Liaison
Rosario Moir (New Zealand and Colombia), Isti Jenkins (Australia)
Ex-officio board members:  Elias Dumit, Ismanah Schulze-Vorberg (as the WSA Chair and Executive Chair)

SICA MEDIA is the international portal for SICA’s work.

Let It Shine, SICA Canada News – Winter 2011
Let It Shine, SICA Canada News – Fall 2010
Let It Shine, SICA Canada News – Mar2010
Open Views SICA Britain Journal – June 2010




SICA REPORT FROM THE AMERICAS GATHERING, JUNE 2012: National SICA chairs and SICA (International) met at the America’s Gathering in Vancouver in June and envisioned a more stable and fruitful future for Subud’s international cultural association…

SICA Midterm Report to World Subud Council, Jan 2010 – June 2012


  • Launched thanks to a grant from MSF in 2010
  • Published an online magazine, ‘Celebrate!’ in the site to celebrate and showcase the creative work of Subud members
  • Launched the SICA Update, an opt-in e-news publication
  • Set up tools and services for SICA and members.We partnered with Fractured Atlas, a national arts service organization) Benefits include visa help for artists wishing to perform in the USA, access to affordable insurance, free online courses in marketing and establishing a creative business, access to job and calendar listings.
  • Launched a fiscal sponsorship program for start-ups
  • Developed a grant program to provide seed funding for individuals

SICA PROGRAMS and PROJECTS, APRIL 2011: Latifah laid out the progress made to date. ” We need countries to set up national SICA organizations — or at least a national SICA coordinator — so we have a way to get information out about our programs and for your countries to grow your own programs.”


RE-VISIONING SICA, 2010: “Our re-visioning process will look at ways for SICA…to partner with dedicated and committed groups of people from all over the world that wish to be involved and active in the sharing process of one or more aspects related to Spirituality, Inspiration, Creativity and Action. …The partnerships between SICA and those groups can facilitate mutual learning, connecting, sharing and celebrating  — especially through public cultural events. In fact, one of the things that sets SICA apart from the other wings is that it does EVENTS.”

‘Fashionation’, 2010 World Congress in Christchurch, New Zealand