Subud Houses

Subud Houses may be rented or owned, and whilst their primary purpose is a place to do Latihan, they may also be used for  social activities by the group, overnight accommodation for visitors, or as a business enterprise.

At World Congresses it has been agreed that members need to know more about Subud Houses to help groups acquire, maintain and manage their Latihan premises. Here are directives from the 2005 World Congress on houses. The World Congress in Freiburg in 2018 will provide a special focus on Subud Houses and Subud Centres with the special support of the Muhammad Subuh Foundation.

Some groups are lucky enough to own exceptional premises, others meet in each other’s homes and dream of being able to buy their own Subud House. Acquiring a house is usually an adventure, providing inspiration and valuable insights for other groups.


  • SUBUD WORLD NEWS: Various latihan hall descriptions, many with guest facilities, are located on this website under ‘centres.’
  • MUHAMMAD SUBUH FOUNDATION: Latihan halls that funded through the Muhammad Subuh Foundation are described on the MSF web site.
  • The book More Than Bricks and Mortar was published for the 2001 World Congress. It describes houses around the world and often how they were funded. (Click on an area of the map in the left corner and then use the drop down menu on the right to locate a particular house.)


  • GUIDELINES for the acquisition and maintenance of properties: Download the Zone 3 Guide and a Housing Manual from the Pacific Northwest Region in the US.
  • LATIHAN PREMISE QUESTIONNAIRE: Here you may find the WSA latihan facility questionnaire in English and Spanish. This is questionnaire is for all groups, whether they rent, own or wherever members do latihan. Santa Raymond in the UK coordinated the data and collated results.