Translation & Publication of Bapak’s and Ibu Rahayu’s Talks

Elisa Sanchez Caballero,
WSA Translations coordinator

The World Subud Association’s program regarding translations of talks by Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo (Bapak) and Siti Rahayu Wiryohudoyo, Subud’s spiritual guides, is overseen  by Elisa Sanchez Caballero (photo). Armand Bisson, the coordinator prior to 2012, found that Bapak’s and Rahayu’s talks are translated into approximately 20 languages. A proposed long term vision for the protection and the quality of our publications of these talks may be read here.
In addition to the other tasks the international translation team is undertaking, they are adding subtitles to videos of Bapak’s and Ibu’s talks. For the first time you may watch a video from the Subud library without translations, but with the text of the talk displayed in real time on the bottom of the screen.
In 2017 the Spanish translation team finished the subtitle of 12 Bapak video talks in 5 languages: Indonesian, English, Dutch, French and Spanish. This was a joint effort of translators, Archives, SPI and technician Raimundo Olivares from Spain.
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One of the main WSA programs is the current revision of all of Muhammad Subuh’s talks into a series called The Volumes. The translation into English from Indonesian is being revised and corrected by Raymond Lee, as well as Sharif Horthy and Tuti Horthy, Bapak’s granddaughter. These Volumes are published by Subud Publications International  (SPI) in the UK. SPI also coordinates the translation and publication of the volumes into Russian and by World Congress 2014, in Spanish.
Find out more on the SPI page of this site or visit the SPI web site at A limited number of Videos, DVD’s, and audio MP3s of Bapak and Ibu’s talks also exist and are distributed through SPI. Two books produced by WSA are On the Subud Way and The History of Subud, available from SPI.

The Manual for Translations and Translators consists of extensive guidelines compiled in conjunction with Subud Publications International (SPI) and a number of established translators in order to create a process whereby translations may be accepted as ‘official.’ The manual is downloadable in English, Spanish or French or write to

Official list of Bapak’s and Ibu’s Talks: consist of the current revised versions of Bapak’s and Ibu’s talks as established in conjunction with Subud Archives International. These are the official talks from which all translations should be made.

Waivers: All translators must sign a waiver, available in EnglishSpanish and French which transfers the copyright of their translations to the World Subud Association.You may read a letter from Ibu Siti Rahayu confirming that Bapak’s talks are the property of the WSA in English and Spanish and an agreement between Ibu Rahayu and the WSA regarding the publication of her talks in English and Spanish.

Spanish is the largest translation sector with Elisa Sánchez Caballero from Argentina (photo) as coordinator. A list of the stock of books in Spanish is available as well as a list of Bapak’s and Ibu’s talks translated into Spanish in all formats, including written, audio and/or visual. Elisa works closely with the Subud library to ensure that official translations are available online. One highlight  of the Spanish translations team’s work includes adding Spanish subtitles to Bapak’s and Ibu’s talks.


From the beginning of Subud France, Louis Georgin (now Maxime) was translating from English the Pewarta and others Subud documents. The French publications worked in this time in connexion with Subud UK. Luthfi Abeille did also a lot for translations. Now Pierre Espinasse coordinates the French Translations with Faustine, Heloise, Hamidah, Raphaëlle, Rashid and their proof-readers. Once a month, the French National Committee distributes a talk of Bapak or Ibu Rahayu. All these translations are sent to Subud Library (Vernon Contessa). The French Translations are read by all the French Speaking members around the world and mainly by Subud members from Africa, where Bapak never stayed except in South Africa.

There has been an active Russian translation team for many years. Their main project, through an agreement with Subud Publications International, is to publish volumes of Bapak’s talks. You may read about some of the history and work that’s been completed by this dedicated team under the very capable leadership of Sandra Lykhatska (photohere. At the same time, Marsiya Belinskaya coordinates Russian translations for more general purposes. There is also a body of Subud literature in German, indexed here.

The growing need for translation services has been recognized with a worldwide translations initiative begun in 2010. The WSA budget now provides funding for official translation needs in four languages: Spanish, French, Indonesian and Russian. A team of translation coordinators including Paloma de la Viña for Spanish, Mardiana Situmeang for Indonesian, Marsiya Belinskaja for Russian and Arnaud Delune for French oversee written translations for these languages, providing improved communications for our worldwide association. Funding is avialable for simultaneous translations during World Subud Council Meetings and World Congresses.

Numerous books have been written by Subud members about Subud and their personal experience over the years. These books are available at, including some that are freely available to download such as Harlinah Longcroft’s classic, Subud is a Way of Life and Subud members’ own literary works.

Members writing books about their Subud experience may wish to contact the WSA Executive at to ensure protection for the future regarding copyright and registration, if using the name Subud, the seven circles symbol or extracts from Bapak or Ibu’s talks. See copyrights and trademarks (link).