There are numerous newsletters, e-newsletters and magazines published by the World Subud Association, affiliate organizations, WSA countries as well as by individual projects.
International Newsletters
WSA eNEWS is produced and distributed by the WSA executive committee several times a year by e-mail. All newsletters are posted in the ‘WSA/WSA-EXEC’ section of the Subud World News web site.
MSF e-NEWS is published periodically in English, Spanish and French. To be added to the mailing list write to Lillian Shulman, the MSF Administrator and visit the MSF website for past issues.
SDIA NETWORK e-NEWS is published monthly from the SDIA office, also in three languages, English, Spanish and French. To receive a copy, write to info AT Newsletters may also be found on the Susila Dharma website.
SICA e-NEWS is published periodically. Write to latifah AT or subscribe here.
SUBUD VOICE is the longest running Subud magazine in our community. It is a private initiative originally published in 1988 by Ilaina Lennard in the UK. The current editor is Harris Smart in Australia. It is offered free online and comes out monthly in English and Spanish. Visit or write to the editor to subscribe at subudvoice AT
National Newsletters
SUBUD BRITAIN: The Journal is the Subud Britain monthly magazine now published electronically. For subscription information write to journal AT
SUBUD USA NEWS is published quarterly and is delivered via e-mail. Hard copies are available on request. To read it on-line visit the Subud USA web site at or write to newsletter AT
SUBUD CANADA: SCAN is the Subud Canada Newsletter and is edited by Lester Sutherland and Valentine Narvey. To receive an electronic copy write to Lester at lesters AT
SUBUD AUSTRALIA: Subud Ink is published quarterly in Australia. Write to the editor, Davina Egege, at AT to subscribe.
SUBUD NEW ZEALAND: Happenings is a semi-annual magazine published for Subud New Zealand and is edited by Heather Chapman. It comes out in hard copy and is available to overseas subscribers at 10 NZD per year. Write to Heather at heather AT
SUBUD NETHERLANDS: Subud Nieuws Nederland is one of the longest running national newsletters and is currently edited by Johannes Rodenburg, snn AT
SUBUD NORWAY: Norway BuletiNor is publisihed independantly for Subud Norway and is edited by Rikard Seeberg Andresen; rikard AT
SUBUD INDONESIA: Journal Subud Indonesia is edited by Titin Suwartini, s_titin AT
There are additional national, wing and project newsletters printed in English and local languages throughout the world.