Member´s Projects

Many Subud members have started enterprises, initiatives or projects, including businesses, cultural endeavours, educational ventures and social development programs. These projects are fully the creation and responsibility of individuals or groups of Subud members. Yet, at the same time, they are integral to the mission and development of the Subud community because they represent a free expression of the latihan or the creative receiving that is part of the Subud experience. They represent one aspect of the Subud experience visible to the eye.

The nature of these projects is very varied. One can glimpse the range within this variety by looking at the 45 projects that are members of the Susila Dharma International Association. In contrast to social, development, well-being and environmental projects, Subud members are involved in many cultural and enterprise projects as evidenced here and on the culture page.

THE SUBUD PROJECTS WEB SITE has been developed by Harris Madden in Australia at The purpose of the site is to describe efforts made by Subud members, both past and continuing. It is interactive so that any member can upload project information. It serves as a lens on the ways Subud members put the latihan into practice – in social projects, enterprises, the arts, education, health, the environment – the fields are as diverse as the nature and talents of members.
Photo: Pelham House in Britain, in the center of Lewes, and the Spring Street Center in Seattle are a conference center, hotel and restaurant and hosts various cultural events and weddings .

in Seattle, Washington State, USA, is a newly refurbished event center and Subud Hall. Sustainable building practices were used throughout and it is open for weddings, meetings and other events as well as for latihan. Overnight guest rooms are also available at reasonable rates.
Photo: view from deck

SEVEN CIRCLES RETREAT CENTER was started by Subud members in California in 2003. It is a Non-Profit Corporation to foster opportunities for underprivileged youth and inter-denominational spiritual and religious groups. Seven Circles serves Subud events well for meetings, Gatherings and Kejiwaan weekends. Set on 24 pristine acres near the world class Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, it can accommodate 36 people at a time.

ATALANTA PROJECT: Some members in the US founded the Atalanta Association in 1994. The Atalanta Project is built on 44 acres of land in the high altitude San Luis Valley in Colorado. Atalanta runs programs designed for lifelong learners with a special emphasis on youth. Its mission is “Learning to live with personal responsibility in peace and harmony with all creation“. In 2011 Atalanta, in conjunction with the Baca Grande Stables, became the sole provider of environmental educational trail rides through the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Lodging is available and Subud San Luis Valley, the local group, loves having visitors.

LOUDWATER FARM lies just 30 minutes from central London and is available for hire. Loudwater Farm is an International Subud Meeting House. We offer two large halls and a 450 year old barn for hire, overnight accomodation for up to 16 people, as well as smaller meeting and event spaces.

SINE CERA RAINFOREST RETREAT:  A retreat in the rainforests of Eastern Australia able to accommodate small or large groups (15 – 80+) for workshops, school camps, retreats (spiritual, health, yoga etc), meetings, family reunions, weddings and more.
There are many scientists and engineers in Subud who would like to share: present work, opportunities for cooperation, general discussions to do with the nature of scientific development.

The format of a network was proposed to keep it open and flexible. You may read an April 2010 SSEN Newsletter to find out more, or write to Reinbrand Visman, the group coordinator, at