Latin America South

Zone Representative: Sofia Mazzini, Peru
Approximately 300 members, 15 groups, 6 countries, and 6 Subud houses.  (picture needs to be inserted here)

In 2017 the Zone Gathering was held in Lima, Perú, with more than 30 members assisting. With the presence of the International Helpers, there was not only space for plenty of kejiwaan work, but also for sharing personal stories about life in Subud, songs, and many, many laughs. Subud Peru has members working on an important project of the International Child Development Program, with funding from Grand Challenges Canada, focused on nutrition together with the Pachacamac community, who taught them about their agricultural system

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In October 2015, the Zone 9 Gathering was held in Aguas de Sao Pedro, Brasil. It was a meeting where musicians from all countries interacted in a beautiful artistic night, that ended with dancing with rhythms from different places. Sharing both administrative and spiritual experiences was a great way to bond and to take advantage of the learnings of others  (Insert picture here)

In September 2015, the WSA Council meeting was held in Chile, at the Providencia Subud House, and some members from the Zone witnessed the meeting.  (Insert 3 pictures here)

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In April 2009 Subud Chile celebrated fifty years of Subud in their country with a party at the Santiago House (photo) and a property was purchased for the La Florida group, also in 2009.
In 2003 Brazil was one of two countries hosting the Americas Gathering, in Aguas de San Pedro. With members from all of the Americas, as well as from Europe and other distant countries, it featured youth activities, entertainment, a large art exhibition in the center of town, as well as several meetings, including the World Subud Council and the Muhammad Subuh Foundation. Colombia hosted the first part of this Americas Gathering at Amanecer.
Zone 9 comprises the southern countries of Latin America.
Country Chairperson Groups/Centers Members
Argentina Oliver Young Buenos Aires (Bogado, Villa Crespo, Maschwitz), Mina Clavero, Nono 67
Brazil Ricardo Gracey Aguas de San Pedro, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro 60
Chile Ricardo Arratia Providencia and La Florida in Santiago, Concepción 155
Peru Ana Sofía Mazzini Lima 14

There are also members in Paraguay and Uruguay plus in most countries there are members who do not live near a group. FurtherZone contact information.


Photo: Zone 9 Gathering Gathering in Argentina, November 2011

Zone 9 holds regular Zone Council meetings. In 2011 Argentina hosted the council and in 2010 Brazil hosted a Zone 9 Gathering and Council Meeting. (Read a report from Mauricio, former Zone Representative) In 2009 the council met in Lima, Peru and in 2008 they met in Santiago, Chile. There is a Zone 9 web site that includes information on events, reports and council minutes and

Watch a photo montage from the 2011 Zone Meeting.

There is a also a listserver for the Spanish-speaking Subud community, delivering newly translated Bapak and Rahayu talks, various newsletters and other communications to approximately 900 addresses.  In addition, to read about the excellent work on behalf of Spanish translations in general, visit the ‘Publications and Translations‘ page herein under ‘Media Programs’.

2012: Zone 9 Congress Reports 2012 in English and Spanish

2011: WSA Chair visits Colombia, Argentina, Chile, English, Spanish, November
2010: Susilowati de Urrejola; Chile Earthquake Relief Report, August (English) (Spanish), from Renato Sotelo, Chair; Zone 9 Council meeting, November Spanish, English; WSA Chair 4th Quarter Report (with visit to South America), English, Spanish, November
2009:Osanna’s diaries: visiting Chile part one and part two, April
2008:Zone 9 Meeting (English, Spanish), April; Zone 9 Meeting Minutes (Spanish), May