Subud Zones, Areas and Subud Centers

For organizational purposes, the World Subud Association is divided into nine
zones as pictured in the attached photo. To be able to coordinate the work of the
WSA, each zone has a representative who sits on the World Council to represent
their countries and the councils between world congresses.

Zone Representatives

  • chair meetings for their zone,
  • are directors of the WSA,
  • and form the voting body of the WSC, together with the WSA Chairperson.
The WSA is also divided into three geographic Areas for assisting individual members and groups in the practice of the latihan. Each Area is represented by six international helpers making a total of 18 worldwide.
You may find contacts for countries with Subud members and a list of countries with Subud members here.
The Zones are roughly geographically split in the following manner:
Zone 1 Oceania
Zone 2 Part of the Middle East and Southern Asia
Zone 3 Western Europe
Zone 4 Eastern Europe, Northern Asia and part of the Middle East
Zone 5 English speaking African Countries
Zone 6 French and Portuguese speaking African Countries
Zone 7 North America, Cuba, Suriname, and the Caribbean
Zone 8 Central America and the Northern part of South America
Zone 9 Southern part of South America

The zone councils are, in fact, members of the World Subud Council speaking through their zone representatives. The zone councils are made up of the four delegates from each country of the zone. The zonal representative is chosen by the country delegates from candidates proposed by the countries and two international helpers from the area of the zone. The four country delegates are the chairperson, the committee councilor, a lady kejiwaan councilor and a gentleman kejiwaan councilor.

Three of the country delegates are the chairperson, a lady kejiwaan councilor
and a gentleman kejiwaan councilor. The fourht member is usually the committee
councilor but since many countries do not nominate a committee councilor the
fourth member of the delegation can be the treasurer.

The term of the zonal representative runs for four years, usually from world congress to world congress, though ideally they are chosen some months in advance to work with the outgoing representative during a transition period.
The work of the zone council is important because the participation of each country delegate is necessary to ensure the democratic running of the WSA.