World Subud Association – Annual Report

Last year, as I was writing the annual message, the pandemic was already in full swing, affecting our lives in general, and our Subud lives in particular.
Alas, things have improved only marginally, and parts of the world are now suffering the worst of it. We continue to be tested in ways that were unimaginable only 18 months ago.
Latihans in many countries are limited, with members having to do their latihan at home on their own.
The International Helpers have not been able to travel, of course, and that limited the ability of the WSA to serve you as we would like. International gatherings planned for 2020 had to be canceled, and all essential meetings migrated online – not just meetings of the international bodies, but also many national congresses.
The international congress had to be postponed and is now scheduled for early January 2024.
If there was a silver lining, it was the increased attendance at these online / Zoom meetings by members who otherwise wouldn’t normally attend. Working online allowed the organizational side to continue, and a lot of useful work has been done.
In the likely scenario where our ability to travel remains curtailed for a while yet, I would like to encourage everyone to join us as observers – at least at the quarterly World Subud Council meetings. We welcome your interest in the work of the Council, and it has never been as easy to observe our work.
We are encouraged by our ability to keep in touch and support each other during this dark, long winter, finding that our organization is resilient and capable of handling the crisis.
Please stay safe and healthy, take good care of each other, and hopefully we shall all meet in person soon.
Nahum Harlap
WSA Chair

Patience | Trust | Surrender  – The WSA Annual Report 2019

WSA Annual Report 2019 English

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

this is meant to be a note accompanying the WSA Annual Report for 2019, and I shall certainly touch on that. However, at the time of writing (mid-2020), it is impossible to ignore the unusual circumstances forced on us by the COVID-19 pandemic.

For some of us, the disruption of our habits, routines and material circumstances is a cause for great anxiety. For others, this has offered an opportunity to step back, introspect and re-evaluate.

We are incredibly fortunate to have the latihan at this time, which offers us the possibility of viewing this situation constructively. I hope that even those among us who are finding the situation extremely stressful are managing to extract some benefit from it.

As for 2019 …
The first meeting of the 2018-2022 Council took place in late October in Jakarta, and provided an end to the beginning of our term. After many months of regular, lengthy, and intense video conference meetings, it was finally a wonderful opportunity for all of us to meet in person.
Many members joined the meeting, traveling at their own expense to Jakarta, and helped enrich the meetings with their presence.

Due to budgetary restrictions, the Council had no intention to meet in 2020, though many of us were hoping to meet at the large zonal gatherings that were planned for this year and that by now have been postponed due to the pandemic.

Nahum Harlap
WSA Chair

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

2018 represents an unforgettable moment to the International Subud brotherhood, where we had witnessed together the 15th Subud World Congress in Freiburg, Germany. Not only we are there to experience the wonderful feeling of Latihan, but also to recognize the development of our beloved fraternity.
At the World Congress, new duties await us, and God blesses us to this New Beginning – 2018 WSA Annual Report.

The WSA Team

Dear members,

Please find attached the WSA Audited Accounts for 2018. These are historical accounts, relating to what has happened in 2018, which include the integration of the World Congress account.

The WSA Team

WSA Audited accounts 2018
WSA Audited accounts 2017

Every year the World Subud Association completes an Annual Report which describes some of the major events, activities and achievements of the association and its members for that year. The following are samplings from the latest report:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In 2016 we continued to work together as one body in harmony guided by the latihan knowing that progress can only happen when we work together in unity. Meetings and events around the world brought together members of our team, these meetings were often held in conjunction with a local congress or zonal events so we could keep in touch with the membership. We additionally had a working meeting in the spring which was necessary to renew our efforts to manifest our goals and our commitment to the service of Subud during the remainder of our term. Working through email and skype is very supportive but doesn’t replace face to face meetings. We participated actively in the joint Zone 3 and 4 gathering in Poland where more than 400 Subud members young and old came together. The main topics were the preparation of the World Congress in 2018, copyright and publication issues, working groups on WSA Archives and IT issues.

The Americas gathering in Cali, Colombia was a second gathering which saw many of us come together on different levels. The “Gran Salon” in the  International Subud Center Amanecer in Colombia was a major topic. A working group from WSA, Muhammad Subuh  Foundation (MSF), Subud Colombia, Fundación Amanecer and wing chairs are working on a strategy to bring life into this center, renovating the building in 2 phases with the support of the MSF as well as separate fundraising efforts. The title is currently held by MSF for the World

Subud Association. MSF is considering finding new title holders to take over the administrative responsibility. The World Subud Council meeting (WSC) was held in September in Salobreña, Spain. One of the important outcomes of this meeting was the importance of the wings working in an integrated way to create a greater impact in the world. The plans for a joint youth gathering in Kalimantan (Basara Youth Camp) were presented as a first experiment in this joint venture field of the wings. The zone representatives supported by the international helpers and wing chairs, worked hard to set the goals for the next year which would be the year to lead us to 2018, the final step to World Congress. It was determined that our next council meeting would be held in Freiburg using the world congress venue. The World Congress Organizing Team worked diligently to establish the plan for the  low of the congress. Around 28 members have joined as volunteers to head the work of organizing such an event and to work with the city of Freiburg to make sure that the venue is well suited to facilitate our coming together for the work of Subud in the future. We see and acknowledge the fact that our youthneed to take an active part in establishing the overall

content and flow of congress 2018. The year’s events culminated in the exemplary work of all those who planned, facilitated and oversaw the “Basara Youth Camp” in Kalimantan/Indonesia. This camp saw over 150 young people from all over the world come together to grow in their understanding of Subud and the presence and importance it has in their own lives. An important focus was the joint work of all wings present in support of the young members in planning and implementing projects for the benefit of their lives and Subud. We would like to take this opportunity to thank George Demers, Youth Activities Coordinator who passed away on the last day of the Basara Youth Camp in Kalimantan, his final gift to Subud was in the great work done by all for the facilitation of this camp. Thank you, George.


The WSA Team




Message from the WSA Team:
During our times together in 2015, we became convinced that our most important mandate is to work together as one body with harmony guided by the latihan and that progress only  happens when first there is that harmony and an understanding of unity.

Many events and meetings brought us together. We were able to see which areas of our work needed attention and how to set our goals and direction for the remainder of our four-year term. Many important events throughout the year gave birth to our work for the next three years.

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Members of the Subud World Council come together in Santiago, Chile 2015
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