The Muhammad Subuh Foundation

The Muhammad Subuh Foundation honors the name of the founder of Subud, Bapak Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo. It serves to build a lasting financial capacity for the Subud community, with dedication to the long-term aims of the World Subud Association.
The Foundation envisages a Subud community that is active and effective in the world, in all fields of human endeavor. It supports this vision by providing financial and other assistance to a wide-range of activities and programs, including social and humanitarian work, cultural endeavors, youth projects and others.
One of the major functions of the MSF is to serve as a safe repository and prudent manager of testamentary bequests, properties and special donations provided by Subud members and enterprises for the long term development of Subud and its aims. In this way, the MSF supports the programs and activities of the WSA and especially those that concern the long range advancement of Subud.
In consultation with the WSA and its affiliate institutions, the MSF supports programs for the benefit of Subud members and the communities they live in and thereby supports the activities of the WSA and its affiliates and promotes the social aims of the WSA.
The Foundation also assists groups in securing suitable latihan facilities and helps national committees to develop Subud centres in their countries.
The founder of Subud,  Bapak Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo
As an integral part of Subud, the Foundation is responsible to the World Congress. The trustees, who are selected by a committee made up of the World Subud Council and the MSF trustees and are appointed by the WSA Directors, follow the the policies set by the World Subud Association. The annual program of work and budget of the MSF is agreed at a joint meeting of the MSF trustees and directors of the WSA.
MSF in cooperation with the WSA launched The Legacy Project in June, 2012. An ongoing global campaign to raise funds for Subud Archives, the project aimed to ensure that Bapak and Ibu Siti Rahayu’s original recorded talks are restored and preserved. Preserving talks means that we will always have original explanations and advice with nothing changed.  Funds raised will also be used to ensure that historical documents are collected and cared for, and to make the archives more accessible to Subud members worldwide.
The Foundation may receive bequests and endowments and unless donors specify otherwise, bequests form a part of the Foundation’s general fund. The constitution of the Foundation contains controls to ensure that the capital of this fund is not depleted. The income from this capital is used to further the aims of the WSA.
Donors can place additional restrictions on their bequests, and the Trustees will ensure that donor’s wishes are strictly followed. The Foundation can accept permanent endowments, the capital of which legally cannot be spent, and has established a various specific funds. It is the policy of the MSF to invest Foundation assets in a prudent manner at all times.
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