Latin America North

Zone Representative: Helen Muños, Colombia

ZONE 8: Approximately 500 members, 24 groups, 5 countries, 6 Subud houses and one National/International Center


Welcome to Zone 8. We are a small and friendly zone, comprising of, from north to south, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Guatemala. Most of our members live in Colombia where there are 15 groups, with 8 Subud houses, and 540 members. The zone has about 700 members. Our community is surprisingly diverse. There are people from the high Andean plains, from coffee growing areas and from the Caribbean coast; we have members in big cosmopolitan cities and others in small communities.
photo: Medellín Subud Hall, Amanecer, Popayan
Ours is a very active zone in Subud, especially given the relatively small number of people involved. There are many schools run and started by Subud members in Ecuador and Colombia. Some of these can be seen at  Susila Dharma international. From this page, you can also read about the remarkable work of Associacion Vivir, which works in health promotion throughout Ecuador and is a model World Health Organizatin (WHO) project. Inka Samana is a school in a native Saraguro community in Ecuador run on indigenous principles. You can also read about two educational centres around Bogota, Colegio Amor and El Refugio, which work with deprived children.
Zone 8 is the home of the Amanecer centre, located near Armenia in Colombia (photo). Amanecer has a large hall built of guadua bamboo, and is used to host conferences. The centre also contains a hostel, a restaurant and other facilities. There are 35 Subud families living in and around the centre. The Fundacion Amanecer runs social and educational programs, including a school. It is a beautiful place and you are welcome to come. In July 2010 the centre celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a week long event.
Younger members in the zone are active and have published a magazine for Latin American youth, organized  activities, including a Pan American Youth Gathering in 2009, and take on various committee and helper roles. The first annual volunteer work camp in 2009, sponsored by SDIA and SYIA, drew younger members from as far as Australia and Britain. Organized by Alexandra Woodward rom the U.S., the first week was spent rebuilding a classroom for a school at Amanecer then leading educational activities during the second week.
Country Chairperson Groups/Centers Members
Costa  Rica Hamid Kaber Heredia 25
Colombia Frederica Pulido Amanecer, Armenia, Bogotá, Bogotá Norte, Bucaramanga, Caicedonia, Cali, Cucuta, Itsmina, Jamundi, Manizales, Medellin, Palmira, Pamplona, Pepeira, Popayan 400
Ecuador Dafne Tobar Quito, Tumbaco, Mitad del Mundo, Lago Agrio 71
Venezuela Fortino Giménez Caracas, Merida, Isla Margarita 36
Additionally, there are members in Guatamala. Further Zone contact information or write to Paloma Muños, Zone 8 Representative, at palomaviolinesnegros AT

Zone8 Meeting in Quito, Ecuador 2015

In addition, a Spanish translation team has done significant work, including completing an inventory of Spanish Subud books world-wide, listing all the talks of Bapak and Rahayu that have been translated, and intends to complete volumes 6 – 25 of Bapak’s Talks before the 2014 World Congress. They have also begun adding Spanish subtitles to some of the DVD recordings of talks. To read more, visit the ‘Publications and Translations‘ page herein under ‘Media Programs’.

ZONE 8 Boletin Subud: Octubre 2012,  (large file); Agosto 2010, (large file); March 2010
In addition, there are several newsletters for the Latin American Community, including occasional newsletters from Colombia, Venezuela, “Mundo Hispano”, and for youth throughout the continent and beyond ‘Su Bolet -IN – Formativo.’ The independent world-wide publication, Subud Voice, is also published in Spanish.
Subud Voice, Spanish: Visit the Subud Voice website for more information.
Boletin Subud Venezuela: Febrero 2013; Junio 2010; Febrero 2010; Mayo 2009
Archive Reports – Previous Years
2011: WSA Chair visits Colombia, Argentina, Chile, English, Spanish, November
2010: Zone 8 Meeting Report, (Spanish and English) April; WSA Chair 4th Quarter Report (with visit to South America), EnglishSpanish, November
2009: Hamilton Manley, International Youth Coordinator, reports on Colombia Youth Gathering, April;