Copyright, Trademark and Subud Symbols

The copyright of all the written works and talks of Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo (except his autobiography) and of Ibu Rahayu Wiryohudoyo belong to the World Subud Association. The copyright of Bapak’s writings were originally granted to the Subud Brotherhood by Ibu Rahayu and Bapak’s family in 1989 in a letter sent to Mr. Varindra Vittachi, then chair of the International Subud Organization. This copyright was re-instated in the name of WSA with a letter sent by Ibu Rahayu in 2007. (Letter in Spanish here.) The Copyright statement and when and how it should be used can be found in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
MEMORANDUM of UNDERSTANDING 2012, SHARED RESPONSIBILITY: , English, French, Spanish, Indonesian
In a 2006 agreement between Ibu Siti Rahayu and the WSA, the copyright of her talks was granted to the WSA. It also outlines WSA’s responsibility regarding their publication. (Agreement in Spanish here.)
Part of the responsibility of the WSA is to show care and due diligence with regard to the protection of these copyrights and this includes the translations (see translations and publications page). Since the WSA comprises all the member countries,  the WSA executive has drawn up a memorandum or informal agreement which outlines this shared responsibility. In this manner, the WSA as whole agrees that the member countries can use Bapak’s words but in accordance with mutually agreed guidelines.
Relevant extracts from the MOU concerning Bapak’s and Ibu Rahayu´s words.
Whenever Bapak or Ibu Rahayu’s talks are printed or distributed the mention: ‘Copyright © (year) World Subud Association Inc’ should appear as well as the talk’s code number. Look at the code number guidelines.
SUBUD NAME AND SYMBOL, including trademarks
The name ‘Subud’ and the Seven Circles Symbol are registered marks of the World Subud Association. Either or both have been registered in various countries around the world, including the European Community, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. In certain South American countries, for legal reasons, the registration has been made in the name of the country’s national body.
Relevant extracts from the MOU concerning the protection of the name and the symbol
Examples of Subud symbols in different sizes may be found here with additional styles here: gold on blue  highlight on white

Since the WSA is comprised of member countries, the WSA executive has drafted an informal agreement concerning the use of the Subud name and symbol. The aim of this agreement is that member countries consent to use the name and symbol in accordance with mutually agreed guidelines,as mentioned above.

History and general information about the name and symbol may be found in this these papers:
Guidelines on the Use and Design of the Subud Symbol, June 2013 English,  French, Spanish