Communicating is one of the main functions of the WSA because the Subud community places a high priority on being a global community. Subud members often feel their common humanity which transcends national borders and other divisions. In this sense, the Subud experience is international.

Photo: Seeing old friends at World Congress, Sebastian Ospina from Colombia.

Within this community, there are many activities and so there is a lot of news. The WSA newsletter is sent to over 3000 members and group contacts in five languages. (Write to to subscribe.) The Subud World News web site,, carries the latest news from members around the world covering projects, enterprises, cultural activities, gatherings, and any new events in the wide gamut of Subud life. It also contains information on lodgings, music, and more.

Additionally, there is much communication in the Subud association because the WSA functions on participatory democratic principles. Countries participate in the decisions of their geographic zones, which becomes input into the decisions of the World Subud Council. Consequently, there is a constant exchange of ideas that forms an integral part of the work of the WSA as a collective. 

Much of the work of WSA involves the mutual assistance of the national Subud organizations, especially through their zones. The zonal representatives, who are also directors of the WSA, liaise with the countries within their area to support national committees in their own roles and to encourage their active participation in the zone and the WSA. The WSA provides financial aid and other support to some countries and zones. For example, the WSA executive sends job descriptions and appointment related materials to all incoming national chairpersons and the WSA, as well as zones, help finance the functioning of some of  national committees in Africa and other parts of the world.