World Subud Council


WSA Chair and Deputy
Elias Coragem Dumit (Brazil), WSA Chair
Lucia Boehm (Germany), WSA Deputy Chair

WSA Executive Team
Maria Ismanah Schulze-Vorberg (Germany), WSA Executive Chair
Anwar Ziesel (Germany), WSA Executive Vice Chair
Hilaria Dette (Germany,) WSA Treasurer
Salamah D. LeClaire (USA), WSA Secretary
Elwyn Waugh (UK), WSA Accountant

WSA executive functions
There are several other volunteers responsible for such matters as publications and translations, websites and care support.

Zone Representatives/WSA Directors:
Mr. Suryadi Haryono  (Indonesia) Zone 1/2 Mr. Rida Odon-François Liobo Loote (D. R. Congo) Zone 6
Mr. Howard Ray (Great Britain) Zone 3 Mr. Fernando Fatah Nieva (Mexico) Zone 7
Ms. Farah Czwiertnia (Austria) Zone 4 Ms. Paloma Muñoz  (Colombia) Zone 8
Mr. Hakeem Naibi (Nigeria) Zone 5 Ms. Uraida Arratia   (Chile) Zone 9

The World Subud Council includes the WSA chair, the WSA Chief Executive Officer,  the international helpers, the heads of the WSA affiliates, and the chairperson of Muhammad Subuh Foundation (MSF).  MSF is a foundation established by WSA. Activity coordinators also join council meetings to present their programs.

International Helpers:
AREA 1:  (Australasia) AREA 2:  (Europe and Africa) AREA 3:  (The Americas)
Rashida Cooper (NZ Olivia Brady (S. Africa) Myriam Ramsey (USA)
Isti Jenkins (AU) Dahliani Drejza (NW) Suzanne Renna (USA)
Rosario Moir (NZ) Sjarifah Roberts (Scotland) Sarita Rodriguez (CL)
Matthew Moir (NZ) Sahlan Crona (NW) Mahmud Nestman (Canada)
Lewis Hayward (AU) Arifin Konrad (AT) Sjarifruddin Harris (USA)
Nahum Harlap (A Valentin Pizzi (IT) Hoan Toan Phan (USA)

Affiliate and Partner Organisations:

Susila Dharma International Association, (SDIA), Kohar Parra, USA
Subud International Cultural Association, (SICA), Sebastian Flynn, AU
Subud Enterprise Services International (SESI), Hadrian Fraval, AU
Subud International Health Association SIHA, Maxwell Fraval, AU
Muhammad Subuh Foundation (MSF) Marston Gregory, USA
Subud Youth Activity International (SYAI) coordinators:
Team Coordinator: Ethan Harris (Argentina)
SYAI World Congress liaison: Peter Jenkins
AREA 1: (AustralAsia): Davina Flynn, Australia and Robiyanto Sumohadiwidjojo, Indonesia
AREA 2: (Europe and Africa): Rhyana Blakeley, Spain and Marcus Vagany, Hungary
AREA 3: (The Americas): Zuleika Pevec, USA, Arif Rivero, Mexico, Konrad Muñoz, Columbia
You may also visit the ‘contacts‘ page of ‘Subud World News.’
The World Subud Association chairperson and chief executive officer and the heads of the affiliates, (SDIA and SICA) are elected every four years during the World Congress. International Helpers are also appointed during World Congress, and Zone Representatives are selected by their respective councils, also serving from one World Congress to another.