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2018 WSA annual reports are now available in three different languages at the WSA annual report page.

WSA Calendar September 2019

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WSA Calendar August 2019

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WSC Meeting – Jakarta

By WSA Executive

Meeting agenda
The WSA has several important issues it is currently working on: Amanecer,
WSA endowment fund, centreprises, archives, internet technology & security,
budget concerns, to name a few. However, doing latihan and testing to gain
insight into how best to work together to serve the growth and development
of Subud will be the most important aspect of our gathering.


October 12-28

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Newsletter January 2019 FYI is out!

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By WSA Executive

Pudji Purbo has been appointed as the new Administrator for WSA for the term 2018-2022.

What would it be like?

By Hannah Baerveldt, WSA treasurer 2018-2022

Have you ever wondered what Subud would be like without the organization of the
World Subud Association? What would happen?

For starters, there would be no protection for the copyrights and trademarks of
Subud, including the Subud symbol and Bapak’s talks. Anyone could copy,
manipulate, misrepresent, alter and twist the original gift Bapak brought to us. And
eventually, they would distort Bapak’s message – for sure. Continue reading…

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Newsletter FYI is out!

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