Western Europe

Zone Representative:  Howard Ray
Approximately 1900 members, 85 groups in 8 countries with 23 Subud houses and two long-term leases.
Zone 3 has eight countries in the Western part of Europe. All countries have a long established Subud life. Superficially it looks as if they are all similar with dedicated Subud members and certainly combined a large contribution to the international association.
But looking closer, there are clear differences as between the more emotional south and the more rational north. There are countries with strong groups and countries with mainly isolated members. There is Britain where Subud got its first foothold in the West with a well established organization and many Subud houses and there is Belgium with a small membership struggling to stay together. There are six different languages, meaning that at zonal meetings and gatherings six different versions of English are spoken.
Photos: 2012 Zone 3 Meeting in Netherlands (above), 2011 Subud Group of Mayenne (below)
But covering and overcoming these differences there is a wish to share and cooperate, very apparent at the annual zonal meetings. This is clearly visible in the team of kejiwaan councilors from the various countries, who are sometimes able to meet and provide mutual support by visiting each others national congresses or at other occasions when the need arises. In 2011 together the Committee Councillors began a Zone Newsletter, see Zone Communications below.
Subud Belgium is small and divided. It has dedicated members, who make an effort to overcome the past and bring the country together.
Subud Britain is large: many members, many Subud houses, many activities, much experience and many active young people. Britain has a well-developed organizational structure with regions, regional helpers and regional chairs, who also act as trustees on the national board. Subud Britain is a big contributor to the international association, both wthin the zone and to the WSA, in terms of finance and people, dedication and ideas.
Subud France has developed stongly in recent years. Diversity comes through the group of Mayenne in the North-East, where mostly British nationals looking for the good life rebuilt their latihan hall with their own hands. The two Paris groups have merged, which creates a new dynamic. In the South-East and South-West isolated members aim to have more regional activities and helpers. Everybody knows La Source in the Pyrenees, where many different types of activities and retreats are held.
Subud Ireland has a scattered membership similar to Italy, but they put a lot of effort into meetings, communicating and singing together. Enterprise support has traditionally been strong here.
Subud Italy is small but persistent. The membership is scattered with isolated members and small groups. They arrange regular meetings in the one self-owned Subud house in Florence that was financed partially through a concerted effort throughout the zone.

Netherland is a well organized Subud country with a national committee, national helper’s team, two self-owned Subud houses, a healthy financial position, and the oldest uninterrupted national publication in the world, Subud News Netherlands. Membership has been stable for many years, with an average age moving slowly to the grey area.

Apart from some isolated members, Subud Portugal is concentrated in Lisbon. With a small membership Portugal has realized an amazing amount of projects, as Bucelas, a meeting place some 60 km from Lisbon in the countryside, the Lisbon Subud house with enterprises on the floors the group does not use, and the Roda Vida project for childcare of refugee children.
Subud Spain is the European gateway to South America; there are close contacts with the countries there and there is an active translation unit. Spain is the country of fiesta’s and strong opinions. The expatriates group in Orgiva in the south has been involved in the affairs of the nearby village.
Country Chairperson/cc Groups/Centers Members
Belgium Guillaume Sanchez Antwerp, Brussels 16
Britain Pollard Blakeley ENGLAND: Ascot, Barnet, Bath (Bristol), Beford, Birmingham, Bradford, Brecon, Bristol, Cambridge, Canterbury, Cheltenham & Stroud (Bristol), Chester, Chichester, Cornwall (Devon South), Derby, Devon South, Exeter, Glastonbury (Bristol), Hitchin and Welwyn, Hull, Ilford (Barnet), Ipswich (Norwich), Isle of Wight (Chichester), Lancaster, Leicester (Derby), Lewes, (Eastbourne) Lewes, (Hastings) Lewes, Liverpool, London Central, London North West, London South West, Loudwater, Maidenhead, Manchester,  Norwich, Oxford,  Reigate, Sheffield, St. Albans, Sudbury, Turnbridge Wells, Wessex, Wisma Mulia (Seniors Home)
SCOTLAND: Edinburgh, Highlands (Tayside), Newcastle / Borders (Tayside), Tayside
Ireland Andrew Thompson Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Galway 39
Italy Margarita Pizzi Bologne, Chiusi, Florence, Genzano, La Spezia, Rome 45
France Francoise Ivanoff “La Touche Bois” Subud House, Lyon, Mane, Paris, Toulouse, Versailles 175
Netherlands Hannah de Roo Amsterdam, Beekbergen, Bilthoven, Den Haag, Hillegom, Oss, Rotterdam, Utrecht 195
Portugal Anali Lopes  Lisbon, Porto 61
Spain Paloma de la Vina Aislados, Alicante, Alpujarra, Barcelona, Elche, Ibiza, Madrid, Salamanca, Sevilla 244
Zone 3 has an annual zonal meeting that travels from one country to another. Minutes are available on this webpage.
Three general gatherings have been organized in recent years. In 2010 Subud Britain held a joyous family holiday and hosted the Britain National Congress and a World Subud Council Meeting, in Great Malvern, bringing approximately 650 members together.  In 2009 the ‘El Camino’ meeting in Poio, northern Spain, included a pilgrimage to the large cathedral in Santiago de Compostella (photo) where Osanna Vaughn, then Chairlady of the WSA, gave a presentation of Subud to hundreds of pilgrims attending mass. In 2007 the ‘Thank You’ gathering in Ascot, England commemorated the start of Subud in the West 50 years ago and held special celebrations for the pioneers who were able to attend, that is, the original members who joined Subud.
Subud Spain, Susila Dharma organized a meeting against hunger in the old town of Alicante
Zone 3 published a newsletter from time-to-time, Zone 3 News. In 2011 the Committee Councillors from Britain, Holland, Ireland and the Zone Youth Coordinator began publishing a Zone 3 Journal.
ZONE 3 Council Meeting Minutes
2014 Zone 3 Council Report, Las Alpujarras, Granada, Spain  – English Spanish

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Reports to World Congress 2014: Britain, France, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain – Spanish, English


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Zone3 Council Meeting Minutes:
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2012, Beukenhof, Netherlands
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